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New York Giants Notes: Friday Afternoon Edition

Here are a few Friday afternoon New York Giants notes for you.

Mike Garafolo, who seems closest to Chad Jones among all of the Giants beat reporters, has encouraging news today about Jones' progress after his life-threatening car crash last spring. Jones is working out, although slowly and painstakingly, and the video MG provides shows the remarkable progress made by the young man.

Who knows if Jones will ever make it back, or how much of his athleticism will have been taken by the accident that nearly cost him his foot. You simply have to root for the young man, though. If Jones ever makes it back to the NFL how could any teammate of his look at him and not give their absolute maximum effort?

CBS Sports came out with its Ultimate Power Rankings recently, ranking NFL franchises on a combination of history and current performance. The Giants ranked fourth among all NFL franchises, behind Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Dallas. The New York Jets ranked 14th.

In a list of the NFL's top 50 free agents, NFL Trade Rumors has placed four Giants on its list. They are: Ahmad Bradshaw (24th), Mathias Kiwanuka (26th), Steve Smith (28th) and Barry Cofield (35th). Among those four, I believe Cofield is most likely to leave.