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New York Giants Notes: No, I Mean Who Really Turned Out the Lights?

I think we all just heard a collective pin drop. Like Ed mentioned on Thursday, there isn't much going on in New York Giants-land. Well, here are some other interesting NFL tidbits and one Giants-related article I found this morning:

Finding franchise QB a crapshoot - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
And that’s when I kept coming back to that throw. My god, it was perfect, so preposterously perfect. There are only six quarterbacks in the NFL who can consistently make that throw — Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Philip Rivers.

The Chiefs' fan who wrote this article talks about how he was jealous watching Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers make perfect throw after perfect throw in the Super Bowl (several of which were dropped, by the way). Well, that's not entirely true--guys like Rodgers and Tom Brady make mistakes if they are pressured enough.
But it's an interesting debate. The writer doesn't include Eli Manning in that group, but does include the two guys who were drafted around him--Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers. You know, in some ways it's hard to argue with this, but I would surely argue that there are even two tiers in that group of six--with Rodgers and Brady in a class by themselves. I mean, last Sunday, Big Ben did not get the job done in crunch time. He's done it before, but so has Eli. There are lots of holes to poke in this, aren't there?

Colts poised to use franchise tag on Manning - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Should the Indianapolis Colts be unable to get a contract extension hammered out with quarterback Peyton Manning by the time the collective bargaining agreement expires, they're planning to use the franchise tag to hold onto him. It would cost a staggering $23 million to prevent Manning from becoming a free agent, according to the Indianapolis Star.

I wonder what it would cost them dollar-wise and fan-wise if they didn't pony up and let Manning walk. If you look at it that way, $23 million is not so staggering.

PHOTOS: "Giants Girl" Reby Sky Hot in Dragon Gate USA -
Dragon Gate USA promoter Gabe Sapolsky has some high praise for Reby Sky, the gorgeous Latina model/spokeswoman who rose to fame in the past year as The Giants Girl, the hottest and most beautiful fan of the New York Giants football team.

I'm not even going to apologize for this. It was the only tidbit of real Giants' news that came across the wire since yesterday, other than what Ed and the other Mike already wrote about on BBV. But I do have this comment to make--who needs cheerleaders when you have the hottest fan in the NFL?