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Hello, New York Giants -- Is Anybody Home?

When will the New York Giants do something this offseason? Head coaches and assistant coaches have been getting hired and fired all over the league since the regular season ended several weeks ago. Teams have begun releasing players, or at least telling players they will be released soon. Rumors are flying all around. Things seem to be happening everywhere across the league.

Except in the negotiations between the players and owners for a new collective bargaining agreement. And in the Giants offices in East Rutherford, N.J.

Hello, New York Giants. Anybody home? John Mara? Jerry Reese? Tom Coughlin? PR boss Pat Hanlon? Kate Mara? Anybody?

We know defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is alive and well since he's been bopping around the league interviewing for head-coaching gigs. We know the players are alive and well. Antrel Rolle told us so. And it seems most of them managed to get themselves interviewed Super Bowl week. So, we know that much.

In the Giants offices, though? Awfully silent. Special teams coach Tom Quinn still has a job somehow. Quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan still has a job. The Giants have signed a few players to reserve/future contracts, sure, but really not one thing has been done since the season ended.

Have they gone dark at New Meadowlands to save some money on their electric bill in the event of a lockout? I am certain the Giants' braintrust is hunkered down somewhere studying film of draft prospects, figuring out which veterans they are going to let go, which of their own free agents they really want back and which free agents from around the league they might want to pursue. At least I hope they are.

I am not asking for much. The release of Madison Hedgecock, maybe. A tweet from the Giants PR staff that everyone is alive and well and not stuck on a remote mountaintop somewhere in a Third World country. Word that the Giants are negotiating for the return of Rhett Bomar.

Something. Anything. Hello, Giants. Anybody home?