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Super Bowl XLV: Media Day Madness

Getty Images

Today is Media Day at Super Bowl XLV. If you have followed this for a while, you know that the madness of Media Day is as much or more the story than anything said by players for either team. This week is no exception.

  • Ines Sainz, the reporter who was at the center of the whole 'unprofessional conduct' controversy with the New York Jets, was at Media Day. Let's just say Sainz, who was dressed to be noticed, was drawing more attention than most of the players. You can find pictures here, here and here. Do we care what she said? No. Does TV Azteca even care if she did an interview with a player all day? Probably not. One website even went so far as to call Sainz' outfit at today's Media Day a "hooker dress."
  • Many of the Packers showed up for their interview sessions today wearing cheeseheads. Yeah, they were in a serious, professional frame of mind.
  • If you want some first-hand Media Day reporting check out the work being done by SB Nation's Joel Thorman, who is in Dallas for the Super Bowl.