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New York Giants News and Notes: Bring Dem Cowboys On Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. I am frothing at the mouth (not literally, thankfully for my keyboard's sake) about this game on Sunday night. You don't play in the NFL, coach a team or root for a team and not like the notion that your team has the chance to control its own destiny. The Giants can do that by winning out, which would make them 10-6 and the Cowboys no better than 9-7. Of course, they have to actually win all four games, which will be no picnic. But they have that shot, and they had better take advantage of it, or the season has the potential to spiral downward like 2010 did after the loss to the Eagles in Week 15. And they can do it. They have done it before. Fellas, it's go time....... (sorry, I know it's only Friday but I am pumped up!)......

Our own Ed Valentine put a nice scouting report of the Cowboys together at the mother ship. It's thorough and well worth checking out.

OC Kevin Gilbride is wary (heh heh) of the Cowboys' pass rush:

"They’re committed to it and they have some good players. Dallas has some great pass-rushers, a phenomenal DeMarcus Ware, who’s outstanding. We’ve always had our share of troubles with Spencer in that way. He’s been outstanding. And now [Jason] Hatcher looks like he’s evolving into a premier pass-rusher. So they have some terrific football players. Whether they blitz or didn’t blitz, they’re going to be a handful for us. What they try to do is they try to hide, disguise, cause some hesitation on your part, which just accentuates the ability of those guys."

Ahmad Bradsaw on the Cowboys' defense:

"Their edges are similar in terms of them being off the edges. The outside linebacking corps on both teams are pretty fabulous. They are fabulous football players and they do a great job of getting after the quarterback. We game planned pretty good last week so that we were able to settle it down and we got comfortable and as long as we can do that, we will be fine"

I put these items here because a) Ed will have a separate post on the comments from Justin Tuck and Perry Fewell, b) while our defense has to limit the Cowboys as best as they can, they will also need to score a lot of points and c) it struck me that Bradshaw used the word "fabulous" twice. Really, that's the word he came up with?

New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul just scratching the surface of his 'freakish' talent - ESPN New York
And yet, the other Giants can't help themselves -- when you ask them about Pierre-Paul, they don't mean to give answers that come out sounding like comedy bits. It just happens because JPP, as he's called, has 10.5 sacks through 12 games this year. And on the way to complimenting him for how he's often kept their injury-riddled defense afloat, many Giants independently circle back to the same point: Imagine how great the kid will be when he really knows what he's doing.

Cowboys, Giants engage in trash talking - San Antonio Express-News
With their NFC East showdown looming, the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants ramped up the trash talk the past two days. The Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware and Mike Jenkins fired the first salvos Wednesday. Ware, the NFL sack leader with 15, took Giants defensive end Justin Tuck to task after being told Tuck called Cowboys Stadium a dump in 2009.

Bumbling Dallas Cowboys find Tony Romo is far from trustworthy as showdown with NY Giants nears - NY Daily News
In the bye week before the biggest game of his life, Tony Romo took off for a mini-vacation to Cabo with then-girlfriend Jessica Simpson, sparking a controversy about his commitment to football. A few months after the Giants beat Romo and the Cowboys in that 2007 NFC divisional playoff game and went on to win the Super Bowl, Eli Manning was in Cabo at a more appropriate time. He got married. In big moments, Manning’s timing has always been better than Romo’s.


Dallas Cowboys need Tony Romo to come up big against New York Giants - ESPN Dallas
If they lose, then the Giants move into first place and seize command of the division, especially with the Cowboys having to visit New York in the final game of the season. Doesn't it seem like there's a smidgen more at stake than in last week's game against Arizona? Uh huh. And that's why the Cowboys -- more than ever -- need Romo to turn in a signature performance before a national television audience. Blogs " Blog Archive Tale of the Tape: Romo, Manning prepare for heavy pressure
Between two highly erratic teams, it is hard to pick a winner. If we had to bet on one pass rush versus one offensive line, we would take the Cowboys’ pressure scheme in this game over the Giants’ protection. Would we necessarily take Romo over Manning? No. Not this season. But will we take Romo if he is clean and Manning isn’t? Absolutely – and vice versa.

New York Giants' QB Eli Manning has had some of his best games against the rival Cowboys. - ESPN New York
Manning has saved some of his best games for the Cowboys and that bodes well for the New York Giants, who can win the NFC East and make the playoffs by beating the Cowboys twice in a month and finishing 3-1 in their final four games.

Some Cowboys' fans are not exactly optimistic about Sunday or the rest of the season. Check out some of their comments here.

Here is some good fantasy analysis as it relates to Giants-Cowboys.

Mikey's random Friday thoughts......

I'm thrilled we get Cris Collinsworth again, aren't you? This is it, I'm definitely going to try and dial up Bob Papa on the laptop and mute my TV. I hope the timing works.

Do you think Romo is looking at the injury report and hoping Michael Boley does not play?

I don't like when the Giants play Sunday or Monday night, because if they lose, I can't fall asleep as I keep thinking about the plays the got away. If they win, I stay up and watch highlights and commentary for a hour or two and still can't fall asleep because of how giddy I am.

Speaking of Monday night, the match up next Monday night is a potential Super Bowl preview: Steelers/Niners. They don't often have good competition on MNF this late in the season, but that is a beauty.

I've been a Mets fan for a long time, and I don't see them being competitive for a really long time.

You know the phrase "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse?" I write about food in another life, and I received a press release last week about Andrew Zimmern's new show on the Travel Channel, and he had this to say: "Horse meat not looked at as food is uniquely American. The rest of the world eats it." Um, dude, it IS uniquely American, and it's called Alpo. Blech. Maybe I'm not hungry for breakfast after all.

Oh, and hey fellas--it's GO time. Let's do this thing.....