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Eli Manning Or Tony Romo? The Debate That Is Impossible To Ignore

Eli Manning.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Eli Manning. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Eli Manning or Tony Romo? It seems like everyone wants to debate the topic of whether they would prefer to have the New York Giants' Manning or the Dallas Cowboys' Romo as their quarterback.

In all honesty, I hoped to avoid the topic this week. It's really a pointless debate as we lead up to Sunday night's critical Giants-Cowboys game. We already know how this goes. Giants fans will take Manning. Cowboys fans will take Romo. The arguments will get heated between the two camps, neither of which needs much of an excuse to spew venom in the direction of the other.

The topic, though, is out there. Manning is having a career year thus far. Romo has been typical Romo -- very good, sometimes even elite. At other times, though, making the huge mistake when his team could least afford it.

SB Nation's Cowboys website Blogging The Boys makes the argument for Romo this way:

For all intents and purposes, Manning and Romo are playing at almost identical levels this year. The difference between them and Vick/Grossman is that they are making fewer mistakes as passers. And the difference between Romo and Manning is that for Romo, this is normal. For Manning, this year is the exception.

Steve Serby of the New York Post takes up the case for Manning:

Tony Romo has won one playoff game.

Tony Romo isn't the fourth-best quarterback in the NFL, behind Rodgers, Brady and Brees.

Eli Manning is.

Because Manning has had to integrate a new wide receiver and tight end, his offensive linemen still are being introduced to one another (Mr. Boothe, meet Mr. Petrus) and he endured nearly a month without Ahmad Bradshaw, I rank him ahead of No. 5, Ben Roethlisberger.

Just as the Packers wanted Rodgers with the ball at the end of the game last week, the Giants want Manning with the ball at the end of the game Sunday night at Cowboys Stadium.

They fully expect him to be a Mann among Boys in what very well could be a shootout with Romo at the Jerry Jones Corral, given Big Blue's struggles in recent weeks against the Eagles' Vince Young, Brees and Rodgers.

"It'll be great, man, if it comes down to it and we're gonna come blow for blow and going back and forth as far as points and scoring," receiver Victor Cruz said, "and going back and forth and so be it, I think we're up to that challenge."

There you have it. Now, let's see if we can debate this without making me regret that I posted it.