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Giants Vs. Packers: Pro Football Focus Review

Before we turn our attention fully to the Dallas Cowboys and this Sunday's must-win NFC East showdown in Texas let's take one last look back at Sunday's 38-35 loss to the Green Bay Packers. We will do so by taking our weekly look at the Pro Football Focus grades for the week.

As always, remember that these are just for discussion. We know the methodology can be debated, and there is always subjectivity. Let's just use them as a reference point.


Eli Manning (+3.1)
Ahmad Bradshaw (+2.7) ... Thing about this is there is no way to measure the attitude he brings to the offense.
Hakeem Nicks (+2.6)
Brandon Jacobs (+1.9)
Travis Beckum (+1.8) .... Wow! One play can get you that. Who knew?
Danny Ware (+1.5)
Chris Snee (+1.3)
Kevin Boothe (+1.2) ... Boothe deserves a lot of credit for the job he has done this season.
David Diehl (-1.7)
Kareem McKenzie (-2.2) ... A very 'statue-esque' performance from Kareem.


Jason Pierre-Paul (+11.6) ... I told you his three tackles and two passes defensed did not tell the story of how good he was on Sunday. Am amazing effort by the young man. Pierre-Paul is now +20.6 for the season, ranked seventh by PFF among 4-3 defensive ends.
Linval Joseph (+3.9)
Chris Canty (+2.6)
Deon Grant (+1.3)
Will Blackmon (-1.2) ... Poor guy should not have even been on the field.
Rocky Bernard (-1.4)
Mathias Kiwanuka (-2.2) ... Surprisingly, this grade is because he was ineffective (-2.0) rushing the passer.
Jacquian Williams (-2.9) ... Live with youngsters, die with youngsters.
Aaron Ross (-3.7)