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New York Giants News And Notes: Dallas Cowboys Week Is Here


Good morning, New York Giants fans! It is Dallas Cowboys week, the first Cowboys-Giants week of the 2011 NFL season, and everyone who follows the Giants knows how important the game is to the Giants. So, let's get started with your Tuesday morning Giants-related news.

First, a quote from coach Tom Coughlin's Monday meeting with reporters.

"I think our goals are still in hand. Everything that we wanted to achieve at the very beginning of the season, having played 12 weeks, they're still there," Coughlin said.

The coach, of course, is right. The Giants have let some opportunities slip by and have left themselves in a difficult position, but not one that is by any means impossible.

Quarterback Eli Manning Monday echoed his coach.

"Obviously we got off to a fast start in the season and won a lot of games. That's helped keep us in position to be fighting for the division. A lot of times that's all you can ask for," Manning said. "When you get into December you want to be playing important games and everyone is important right now, none bigger than this one. We're playing against Dallas, who is the leader in the division right now, but we have a chance to change that. This is going to be a fun one."

Manning, incidentally, admitted during a Monday radio appearance that he never saw Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews on the ball Matthews intercepted Sunday for a Pick Six.

"I started rolling right and saw [intended target Ahmad Bradshaw] and I think Matthews was just blocked out," Manning told Kay. "I honestly just never saw him until the ball was leaving my hand. I thought I had Ahmad open and [Matthews] broke on it and he was blocked [from Manning's view]. So, unfortunately we gave him an easy seven points." Giants Planning To Pick Up The Fight

Antrel Rolle invoked one of this year’s biggest NFL stories in describing the challenge the Giants face in the final quarter of the NFL season.

"We just have to find a way to win," said Rolle, the two-time Pro Bowl safety. "Like Tim Tebow going out there and finding a way to win, we have to find a way to win."