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Packers 38, Giants 35: Post-Game Reaction

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Here is some of the reaction from the locker room following the New York Giants 38-35 near-miss against the still-unbeaten Green Bay Packers Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

"We played hard and did a lot of good things but we didn't win. There is no hanging your head, it is a tough business and you have to do the things you have to do to win the game," said Giants coach Tom Coughlin. "We have to regroup and I think this brings us together even tighter than we have ever been before as a team. Guys laid it on the line for each other tonight and they played hard."

-- Full Coughlin transcript

Here is an Antrel Rolle quote. There has to be an Antrel Rolle quote. Doesn't there?

"I am extremely proud. We fought from the first whistle to the very end. Unfortunately we came up a little bit short but it is fine because we will see them again. We are headed up. We have four games to play and we are going to fight extremely tough. We are going to make it to the postseason. We all know what happens once we get in the postseason. The record eliminates itself and then it's may the best man win from that point on."

Here are some other post-game transcripts:

-- Justin Tuck

-- Eli Manning

-- Brandon Jacobs