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Brandon Jacobs Press Conference, Giants-Packers Post-Game

Q: How were you able to get the running game going?
A: We knew that was what we were going to have to be able to do to move the football and be able to get the passing game going. We did what we had to do and I thought that our line was physical. I thought we ran hard as backs and I thought coach Gilbride did a wonderful job of calling plays. Our fans were also in the game the whole game and that definitely helped us a whole lot.

Q: How did winning the coin toss and scoring set the tone?
A: We knew as an offense the kind of high powered offense that they had that we were going to have to score a lot of points. I have to take my hat off to their football team because they are a good football team but I don't know if they are an undefeated football team. In saying that, I think we have a good bunch and we are moving forward to the rest of the season.

Q: How much did it help to share the carries with Ahmad Bradshaw?
A: I really didn't carry the load the first time. I thought Danny did a good job of coming in and out and helping out the pass game and getting carries here and there. It was definitely good to get ‘Bulldog' back out with us and I think he played a wonderful game. He got a couple key first downs for us and made a couple plays and that is what we needed.

Q: Did the running game do better even though you lost your center and the line was shuffled around?
A: That was a shock to me, but you can't hang your head on it. You have to keep going. Mitch Petrus, he works hard. Kevin Boothe knows all of the positions on the offensive line so I knew that wasn't going to be an issue. And with the type of motor that Mitch brings to the team, I just knew we were going to be fine.

Q: What do you lean on to get through tough losses like this?
A: We lean on each other. We have a good football team. We have great character in our locker room. We have great coaches. Coach Coughlin is one of the best at keeping us upbeat and going through adversity like this. And just guys in the locker room. I'm blessed to be part of this football team and part of this organization and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Q: Can you talk about the emotion of tying it up and then having to watch Green Bay score?
A: I knew [Aaron Rodgers] was that type of quarterback and [Green Bay] had that type of offense to go down there and get some points with 58 seconds. I was just hoping that we made a stop. I thought the defense stopped him enough, I thought they did what they had to do and we just lost.

Q: What kind of momentum can you get from this game?
A: I don't really believe in having moral victories because this is a football game that we should have won. It hurts to lose, but seeing the way we can come out and play against an undefeated team like we did today, I think that gives us some momentum going forward.

Q: Do you look at the way you played this game and think...?
A: It's easy to do that. You have to let that rest. You can't live in the past. It's only about the future and we have a lot of work to do this week to get ready for Dallas