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Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: Jake Ballard

The Packers score a lot of points. But their defense isn't exactly a steel wall. Furthermore, the Packers are ranked 31st in the NFL against the pass. What that means, for one, is that maybe our anemic running game won't matter. Actually we'll probably play from behind anyway, so that usually means lots of passing. But while you might expect Eli Manning and Victor Cruz to have big days, and maybe Hakeem Nicks if he is healthy (Mario Manningham is listed as doubtful), those guys would not really be fantasy sleepers against Green Bay.

Which brings me to tight end Jake Ballard. Assuming he doesn't have the dropsies like he did against Philly, Ballard is due for a big game. Couple that with the fact that Manningham is likely out, Nicks and Cruz are dinged up, and the Packers are not exactly a shut-down defense against the pass, in particular against tight ends, and, well, the makings are all there. I would venture to say we might see 75 to 80 yards and a touchdown or two for Ballard. And that makes him this week's fantasy sleeper of the week.