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Osi Umenyiora Press Conference, 12.29.11

Q: How encouraged are you from what you have seen so far this week in practice?
A: We will just wait and see and everything will be up to Coach Coughlin. It is going to be all his decision so if he needs me to play and wants me to play, I feel like I may be able to. We will wait and see.

Q: What is the medical staff saying?
A: Nobody is really saying much of anything. We are just going to wait and see how everything is going and how it responds to the work that I got and go from there.

Q: If it was your decision, would you play?
A: Of course, there is no question that I want to be out there but it is not my decision, it is going to be up to them.

Q: What would you say the likelihood is of you playing?
A: I have to leave that up to the coaches and medical staff. I don't know but hopefully I will be able to go out there and play.

Q: How do you feel so far in practice?
A: I feel alright. It was a high ankle sprain and those are really hard to recover from. I feel like I have had enough time to let it heal and hopefully I will be able to play.

Q: What are you looking to see from yourself?
A: It is always explosiveness because my whole thing is my first step and my explosiveness. I have to have that and the past couple weeks I didn't have it. It is coming around now.

Q: Do you think they could limit you to one side or can you play both?
A: I haven't played the left side since 2004 so if they need me to play the left side, that is exactly what I will do.

Q: How is your speed?
A: That is what I hang my hat on and I constantly work on that and I think that I still have it.

Q: How much are you just looking forward to getting back out there?
A: I am anxious. I miss my teammates. I miss being out there on the football field. Every time I am out there I enjoy myself and I love playing. I have missed it and I am anxious to get back out there whenever it is time.

Q: How does it feel to know it could possibly happen this week?
A: It is exciting and I am just happy and anxious to get out there. I have watched my guys go out there and play outstanding football and hopefully, I can come and add to that.

Q: What are you going to do the next few days to get better?
A: Just keep practicing. We have another day of practice tomorrow and another day after that. I am just going to keep on working and working on my agility and see how it goes on Sunday.