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Brandon Jacobs Press Conference, 12.29.11

RE: Sunday night's game?
A: Cowboys-Giants for it all, you couldn't ask for a better situation. They are a good football team and we played them already this year. It was one hell of a football game that went down to the wire. We had a blocked field goal that ended up winning the game for us. You know it is going to be a dog fight again.

Q: What are your emotions going to be like this Sunday?
A: When I come into a game like this, I am thinking about what is at stake. I don't too much focus on the team that we are playing, I am thinking about what is at stake and we have to get it done. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it and they think the same. It is going to be a lot of people out there rooting us on and the stadium should be crazy. That is what we are hoping and that the fans are loud and on their feet and guys are out running around and hitting hard, playing football.

Q: What does Osi coming back add to this team?
A: It is going to add a lot to our defense. Osi is a guy that we missed a lot this year, not taking away anything from the guys in there because, of course, the guys in there have done a great job. Jason has done an outstanding job all year long. He is a Pro Bowler and you can't ask for more of a hardworking, humble person that he has been to our team.

Q: How aware are you of what you bring to the team's emotion and energy?
A: I am very aware and I know what it is. I talk to these guys in the locker room all the time and guys outside the locker room that have been in this locker room and that is what we talk about. I have to do something spectacular for the team to get them up on their feet and get guys with a spark in them and the fans up, we will be alright. That is my goal and I take care of business after that.

Q: Why was the running game able to pick up in the second half of the game last week?
A: Nothing really changed. We ran the same way and guys were getting off and pushing some people back off the ball and we got a few good long runs.

Q: Does the talk from three weeks ago still linger?
A: Yes, it does linger, no question about it. Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants does linger year in and year out. Three weeks don't matter. It goes for years so it is going to be like that. Those guys know what they are playing for and we know what we are playing for and we are going to come in here and give it the best shot that we can and leave it all on the field.

Q: Is it special that you are playing Dallas in this situation?
A: No question about it. It could not be a better situation if you ask me. They are a good football team and their defense is good. Their offense scores a lot of points, they have some dangerous weapons on their team so you definitely have to watch for them. It is going to be a great game. This is what you live and die for if you are a football player, a situation like this and having everything on your back.

Q: Does it seem like it has been a very long time since this team has been in the playoffs?
A: It does seem like a very long time. When I first came in, I was in the playoffs every year except for two years ago and then the year after that we didn't go so it has been a very long time for this organization that has not shown that New York logo in the playoffs. That is what we are striving for and what we need to get.