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Perry Fewell Press Conference, 12.29.11

Q: What is the addition of Osi going to do for you?
A: We definitely expect to get more speed on the field and more pressure on the passer in passing situations. It will just be good to get Osi back. Osi plays the run well, too. However he can help us, which he helped us before he was injured, we'd welcome.

Q: Does Osi look okay?
A: Osi looks good to me. Anytime 72 walks on the field for us he looks good. No matter if we get him 10 reps, 20 reps or 30 reps, he looks good to me.

Q: Are you worried about taking anything away from JPP?
A: No. JPP will play. I'm not worried about how many plays he'll play this week. We'll keep him on the field - one way or the other.

Q: Are you going to try to get Tuck, Osi and JPP on the field together?
A: We don't really know right now. Again, we're going to keep working. This is only Osi's second day of practice. We'll see how he feels on [Friday]. We'll formulate a plan. If we can get them all on the field, we'd love to have them on the field. We just want to see how they work tomorrow also.

Q: How much has Osi not playing this year hurt?
A: I've missed a lot of the [players] that we had from a year ago - T2, Jon Goff, Osi, Tuck hasn't been with us all year. There are a lot of our dynamics that were not present. That's been a missing link for us and again, we've had to try to use interchangeable parts all year. We're at the point right now that we're glad to have Osi back and we have a chance to win a division title.

Q: Did you realize JPP played 100 snaps?
A: I started laughing because I said that to the guys on Monday and I said, ‘You guys probably didn't realize that' and JPP said, ‘Yeah, I did coach!'

Q: Did you notice any drop-off in his play?
A: You know what he told the players? He said, ‘We're playing a lot of plays. Man, we got to win this game.' JPP, he goes 120 per cent. I don't know if he was counting the plays or not, but he realized we were playing a lot of plays. I think the other guys, they didn't really realize it, but he did mention it to somebody. He just kept going. He was the Energizer Bunny that day.

Q: What impact did Tuck have?
A: You saw the old Tuck. As Tuck goes, we go a lot of times. When you have both of those guys playing well and then if you can add Osi into the mix, then we become a better defense obviously.

Q: Do you think him getting past the injuries had any impact on Osi trying to play this week?
A: Probably, but Osi has been trying to get back. He said a couple of weeks ago, ‘Hey, I think I'm getting better.' And then it wasn't so. But I know Tuck fighting through his injuries may have inspired him a little bit, I'm not sure. You'd have to ask the medical staff that.

Q: With Osi in the game would you move JPP to left end?
A: I don't know. I haven't made those decisions yet.

Q: Are you keeping Osi at right end?
A: I haven't made those decisions yet. We're just going to let him play right now.

Q: You have a bunch of guys who can play inside also.
A: Yeah.

Q: This is the versatility that...
A: We were hoping for. Yeah.

Q: What's the key to keeping Romo inside the pocket?
A: We talk about the ends a lot. I think our tackles are really the key - the guys like Chris Canty and Linval Joseph getting that push in the middle. I think that's really the key. And then for us not just running up the field on the guy so that we create running lanes for him because he is a good scrambler also. But I think the inside push is really what we need.

Q: Do you think you have a better handle on what this defense is all about than the last time you played the Cowboys? Do you think you have a more cohesive product?
A: We plan on having a more cohesive product on Sunday night than we had the first time we played them. I think the Cowboys are a very talented football team. They can buy time because they can block, Romo can scramble and they can do a lot of things to hurt you and break down your coverages. I think that we're playing better than we've played and I think our guys feel a lot more confident in the things that we're doing.

Q: How can you explain how you guys played better last week opposed to how you played a couple of weeks ago?
A: I don't think there was really anything different. They had the same hunger and the same attitude. We had breakdowns. We had a couple of breakdowns in the ballgame and we didn't have any breakdowns with 98 plays or 89 plays in the ballgame. Why that occurs, how that occurs, if I knew that beforehand I would be a genius. But we just had breakdowns in the Cowboy ballgame and we were just on the top of our game last Saturday. Hopefully we're on top of our ballgame this Sunday.

Q: Was there anything you practiced that would explain that?
A: No.

Q: Prince only played a handful of snaps against the Jets. Is that more of their personnel than anything?
A: Yeah. We went with the three safeties and we went with the two corners in that particular ballgame. That was just how we decided to play that particular week. We'll probably change up this week. Prince has had a very good week of practice this week. So you may see more of him.

Q: In the 2007 season, when the Giants used Tuck in the middle, now you see teams doing that all of the time, would you say that was the beginning?
A: I wouldn't say that was the beginning. I think teams have done that before. I think he was just so effective at it that people took notice.

Q: Now it's a staple.
A: Oh yeah. To try to create mismatches on guards or centers or what have you, especially in situations where you think you have a mismatch.

Q: Do you think Saturday was the best the defense played all year?
A: I thought they performed well Saturday - I thought their intensity, the focus, their drive. No matter what, they were going to fight through and they were going to play for 60 football minutes. That's the Giants defense that we both know. That's what we're looking to get this Sunday also, is to play 60 football minutes.

Q: What changes in JPP to make him clutch in the fourth quarter?
A: He's been first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter. You just notice him a lot more [in the fourth quarter]. I think JPP plays hard every single football play. He plays 120 per cent every football play. We would like for him to play even faster. We think he can play even faster than what he's playing right now, but I think as a result of that he's making plays because he's playing so hard every single football play. I think because of that, he's making plays in the fourth quarter where people are maybe not going as hard as he is and he's making those plays and he's coming up big for us. That's the sign of a young, talented guy that's growing up.

Q: Do you change in the fourth quarter?
A: I'm competing just like they are. I'm fighting for a win just like they are. I'm as intense as they are, probably more intense, and just trying to get a victory.

Q: No more butterflies?
A: No.