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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Week 17

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Last Week: 11-5

Season Record: 153-87

Well, here we are. It's the final week of the regular season, and for the most part the men have been separated from the boys by now. But some playoff races and seedings are left to be decided, and we all know how exciting the final game of the day will be on Sunday. So with that, here are my picks for Week 17:

Tampa Bay at Atlanta--Remember when the Bucs were the "other" 10-6 team that failed to make the playoffs? This year they are on the verge of closing out the season with a 10-game losing streak, and it's hard to imagine their young head coach keeping his gig. Falcons 27, Bucs 17

Baltimore at Cincinnati--Don't underestimate this feisty Bengals' team, who might sneak into the playoffs on the back of their defense. Bengals 17, Ravens 13

Pittsburgh at Cleveland--This game smells like kielbasa and sauerkraut. But mostly it just smells. Steelers 23, Browns 10

Detroit at Green Bay--This one is real hard to figure. The Lions have earned back some respect in NFL circles, and the Packers are 14-1 with the 1-seed locked up. Somehow, though, I don't think the Pack will lose this game. Packers 37, Lions 34

Tennessee at Houston--I don't care who you are or what seed you are, no one wants to lose three straight heading into the postseason. Texans 24, Titans 23

Indianapolis at Jacksonville--Okay Colts, here's the deal. You had a chance to grab Andrew Luck and you blew it. Especially with the Rams playing Frisco this week. You guys are not smart. Jags 30, Colts17

NY Jets at Miami--I haven't heard much chirping from Rex this week, how about you guys? Dolphins 24, Jets 20

Chicago at Minnesota--I realize Matt Forte and Jay Cutler are valuable, but sheesh. Still, the Bears are not as bad as their five-game losing streak suggests. Bears 28, Vikings 21

Buffalo at New England--Bill Belichick never lets up off the gas, and he won't do it here. Patriots 48, Bills 17

Carolina at New Orleans--This one could have a bit of offense. Saints 41, Panthers 38

Washington at Philadelphia--With basically nothing to play for, how motivated will this Eagles team be? Probably just enough. Eagles 20, Redskins17

San Francisco at St. Louis--The Niners and Saints are battling for the 2-seed and a bye, and the Rams have pretty much thrown in the towel, and rumors are rampant about Spags getting the boot. Niners 27, Rams 6

Seattle at Arizona--If someone asked me if I'd rather watch paint dry, I'd seriously have to consider it. Cards 28, Seahawks 24

Kansas City at Denver--Come on, Kyle Orton against his former team, the one that has rallied around his replacement in Tim Tebow? The Broncos with a shot to win the AFC West? Sign me up. Broncos 24, Chiefs 21

San Diego at Oakland--Does Norv have a photo of someone with a goat? Raiders 30, Chargers 28

Dallas at NY Giants--It all comes down to this. The team that makes the fewest mistakes, commits the least penalties, and has the most big plays will win. There are plenty of reasons for pessimism, but something tells me we're going to be happy on Monday. Giants 26, Cowboys 23