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New York Giants News and Notes: All the Marbles Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. I sent a text to my Cowboys' fan client Tuesday night, the one who I texted the night the Giants beat the Cowboys, and had said "Mark my words--Giants 37, Cowboys 34," to which he said afterward, "I hope you bet on the game." Anyway, all I said Tuesday was this--"All the marbles." That's it, and that's what is at stake Sunday night as the Giants host the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East. It's like a one-game playoff in baseball, or a Game 7 in any sport. Of course, the winner will host a playoff game the following weekend, while the loser goes home. But it's been a long time that the Giants have played a regular season game with this much meaning. I know it's only Wednesday, but I'm chomping at the bit. How about you guys?

Rams' Steve Spagnuolo To Be Fired, Named Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator, According To Report - SB Nation New York
St. Louis Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo is expected to be fired after the season, and the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that it is "all but certain" Spagnuolo will take over as Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator.

Did anyone else become physically ill when they read this? Kind of like when Steve Smith signed with Philly (of course, that didn't turn out so well, but he DID score the winning TD against us last month). I want to not believe it, but these rumors almost always become reality when you're a Giants fan.

Paul Schwartz on Giants longtime hate of Jerry Jones and Cowboys -
The Jets were the JV of villains; the varsity of bad guys comes next, making Sunday night’s playoff to get into the playoffs also a time for 51 years of festering resentment to rise from Yankee Stadium and the Yale Bowl and old Giants Stadium and swirl around MetLife Stadium. The Cowboys once prompted some rare trash talk out of the mouth of the late Wellington Mara, and what the former Giants owner handed down to his children has been passed down, one generation to the next, from fans of Y.A. to Eli, from Huff to Tuck.

Back to the basics, Giants defense hopes to stay strong with season on the line |
After weeks of confused defensive backs allowing receivers to run free through the secondary, the Giants’ cornerbacks and safeties knew what they were doing against the Jets, and it showed. They got their hands on eight passes (six knocked away and two intercepted), held Mark Sanchez to only 258 yards passing (a small number considering he threw the ball 59 times for an average of only 4.4 yards per attempt) and forced Sanchez to hold the ball on a few sacks. It was easy as A ... Actually, that’s all it was, thanks to defensive coordinator Perry Fewell’s simplified game plan.

Amen. Let's do that again, Perry.

NY Giants, Eli Manning can beat Dallas Cowboys again by following Daily News seven-point game plan - NY Daily News
It took a miracle for the Giants to beat the Cowboys three weeks ago. It took Eli Manning’s wildest fourth-quarter comeback of the season. It took the outstretched hand of Jason Pierre-Paul to block what could’ve been a game-tying field goal. Not that it was much different from the rest of the Giants’ season, in which 10 of their games have come down to the final two minutes (and it nearly became 11 against the Jets). Their pattern all season has been to rope-a-dope their opponents until Manning provides a final flurry and hopefully knock them out.

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin leading by example - ESPN New York
The 65-year-old coach clearly was in pain and probably still is, given that he walked to his Monday news conference with a visible limp and slowly stepped up a short flight of stairs with a stiff leg. But, in the biggest week of the Giants' season, Coughlin refused to go to the hospital to undergo an MRI or have any other tests done. Coughlin might be stubborn, but the message he is sending to his team is clear: Nothing will stand in the way of his doing everything he can to beat the Cowboys. And the message was received.

With everything else going on this past week, that is my favorite storyline--the tough old fighter leading by example.

Crowded Sidelines Leave Coaches Nowhere to Run -
In recent years, a number of coaches and team personnel have been seriously injured when they were hit out of bounds by players. Each moment has illustrated the inherent risk that accompanies standing on the sideline of a football game, a short distance from 22 large and often ornery men running around in helmets and pads.

NBC's Cris Collinsworth ready to apologize to NY Giants' Antrel Rolle, if he's wrong - NY Daily News
"OK, so the fact that somebody was wide open 40 yards down the field and there were two defensive backs on that side, they were both right?" Collinsworth said. "Well, then clearly I must be wrong. I must be out of my mind." He’ll find out for sure when he arrives in New Jersey, because he plans to ask both players and their coaches about the play. If they’re willing to tell the truth about what happened, Collinsworth has no problem with apologizing on air on Sunday night. "Believe me, if I’m dead flat-out wrong, if it ends up Antrel was right and he was completely blame-free on the play, and I will say that," Collinsworth said. "But the answer can’t be that everybody’s right. I’m not putting that on TV."

Just be impartial with your broadcast, dude. That's all we ask.

Notes: Signs positive for Cowboys’ Tony Romo -
Coach Jason Garrett said yesterday that the swelling is going down and that a number of different tests have confirmed the original diagnosis of nothing being broken in Romo’s right hand. The Cowboys are hopeful that he can practice tomorrow.

Gosselin: Rob Ryan hasn't raised his coaching to level of his opponents | Dallas Cowboys News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW
Ryan hasn't elevated his coaching to meet the challenge -- and neither have his players their play.

And let me send you into Hump Day with this thought--Victor Cruz was snubbed. I mean, I'm happy for Eli and JPP, but Cruz as a second alternate? No way. He's second in the NFC in yards, and has more receptions (76) and yards (1358) than three of the four guys who beat him out--Greg Jennings, Carolina Steve Smith, and Larry Fitzgerald. And he has as many or more (8) TDs as two of those guys. Victor, you got hosed. For the record, so did Roddy White (96 catches) and Jordy Nelson (more yards and TDs than his teammate Jennings!).

That's it. Rant over. Happy Hump Day, and get your game faces ready!