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2012 Pro Bowl Rosters: Eli Manning, Jason Pierre-Paul To Represent Giants

Quarterback Eli Manning and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul will represent the New York Giants in the Pro Bowl on Jan. 29, 2012 in Hawaii. Full rosters were announced Tuesday night.

"It's a real honor," Manning said. "Obviously, when you make it to the Pro Bowl it's because your team, the offensive line, my receivers are doing a great job protecting me, getting open, making plays. It is an honor. Considering some of the other quarterbacks in the NFC who have had outstanding seasons, I'm really thrilled and truly honored to be named to the Pro Bowl team."

"It means a lot," Pierre-Paul said. "I don't really understand the whole Pro Bowl thing, but it means a lot. It means I'm doing good."

Wide receiver Victor Cruz and guard Chris Snee were named second alternates to the NFC team.

"It's a great time, just to see some of the other athletes, guys you compete against, guys that you respect and watch them play and get to hang out with them, get to talk to them, get to see their personalities outside of football," Manning said. "It's a very laidback and fun time. Obviously, with the new way that the Pro Bowl has gone, you don't really want to be playing in the game. You'd rather be getting ready for the Super Bowl. So hopefully that's the case and we'll see what happens."