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Giants Game Ball of the Week: Time to Vote

Hey this week the Giants actually won so giving out the game ball is not only more fun but more appropriate. Still, it wasn't easy, because quite a few members of Big Blue stood out. So I'm going to let you, the readers, vote.

Do you like Justin Tuck, who came to life after coach Coughlin inspired him to dig down deep?

JPP, who once again was a loose cannon who loved the smell of the football and kept chasing it?

Victor Cruz, who single-handedly gave the Giants the spark they needed late in the second half with a 99 yard score?

Ahmad Bradshaw, who scored twice and introduced Brodney Pool to the MetLlife Stadium turf?

I could probably find a few more, but those are the four guys in my mind who were difference-makers. And I'm willing to bet it will be a close race. So who do you like? And feel free to add your own honorable mentions in the comments section. I'll start by saying Chris Canty. And Pete Morelli (oops, was that out loud??). Have at it, fellas.....