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Giants 10, Jets 7: Second Half Open Thread

It certainly wasn't pretty, but the New York Giants have a 10-7 lead over the New York Jets at halftime of a game they absolutely have to win.

Victor Cruz' 99-yard second-quarter catch and run in the difference in a game where it seems the Jets have had the upper hand and the Giants are simply surviving.

Eli Manning is just 7-of-18 for 181 yards and one touchdown. The Giants have only six yards rushing on seven attempts as the offensive line has been awful.

The Giants could have a 17-7 lead if Jeremy Kerley's fumble, returned by Aaron Ross for a touchdown, had not been overturned by replay.

Let's see if the Giants can continue to survive in the second half. I'm guessing most Giants fans don't care if it's pretty, don't care how many yards rushing the team ends up with, as long as they end the game with more points than the Jets.