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Giants Vs. Jets: Five Things To Watch

Well, we have arrived at the day that has been talked about -- too much -- all week. It is New York Giants vs. New York Jets day. There is much to be settled today -- bragging rights, playoff possibilities and perhaps even the future of Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.

Here is my list of 'Five Things To Watch' today. Some of this stuff we covered during the week, but let's put a nice Christmas Eve bow on it and put all of my thoughts in one place.

1. Giants Receivers vs. The Jets Corners -- We talked about this match-up earlier in the week. We know how good the Jets corners are, led by the best in the business, Darrelle Revis. We know that if the Giants are going to win they have to get plays from their extraordinary wide receivers, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. We know that won't be easy. Let's see what happens because it will go a long way toward determining the outcome.

2. Jason Pierre-Paul vs. D'Brickashaw Ferguson -- The Giants best defensive lineman against the Jets premier left tackle. The sub-plot here is how much the Giants move Pierre-Paul around to get him matched up with other Jets blockers.

3. Jets Returners vs. Giants Coverage Teams -- Joe McKnight is probably the league's most dangerous kickoff returner, and even without him Antonio Cromartie is pretty darn good. Lawrence Tynes and the Giants coverage unit face a huge challenge here.

4. Jets Fans vs. Giants Fans -- Or, will something like this happen again? We know there will be fans of both teams in the building. And we know, unfortunately, that some of them will forget that this is just a game and act stupidly. Let's just hope everybody gets into and out of MetLife Stadium safely.

5. Giants Secondary vs. Jets Receivers -- We know how awful the Giants secondary has been. We know that Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes and tight end Dustin Keller are quality receivers, even if they don't have the numbers the Giants receivers do. It's really simple -- if the Giants make Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez look like Aaron Rodgers then the Giants will be going home without a playoff berth.