Why Reese must go, part 1

I pulled this list of positions drafted in the 1st through 3rd rounds during the Reese era from another post I made awhile back. As you can see Reese has drafted a high number of WR, DL, and DB in the first 3 rounds. I personally find it bizarre that the BPA always tends to be at those positions. Kind of crazy isn't it? I think that this list helps to show that Reese is a great talent evaluator but he doesn't know when to change from the scout hat to the GM hat.

1st Round - CB, S, WR, DE, CB

2nd Round - WR, CB,OT, LB, DT, DT

3rd Round - DT, WR, WR, TE, S, WR



















There is a huge difference in being a great scout and a great GM. A great scout can focus on certain positions or players that he likes a lot. He can plug those players he sees to the GM and other team officials to try and get those players drafted. A GM on the other hand must be able to step back from the love of a player or position and draft to complete a full team. Reese had not done a good job of building a complete team.


Imagine this scenario heading into this season.

Reese does not draft Prince because the CB position is in good shape with TT, Webster, and Ross there.

Rather then focusing on WR, DL, and DB so much the last few season Reese has slipped some LBs and OL into the mix in the first few rounds. Maybe they work out, maybe they don't OR seeing that he left the LB position very weak Reese signs a average joe outside LB. He wouldn't have to be an All Pro or superstar just a starting caliber LB. (I won't give names because I don't care who it is)

Because the LB position would have 3 veterans, Boley, Goff, Average Joe, starters Kiwi would move to the DE again. Since the DEs would be Tuck, Kiwi, JPP, and Tolefson, Reese would be able to trade Osi. Reese decided to not be his usual stubborn self and he trades Osi for the 2nd round pick he is worth.

Then Goff gets injured. Instead of having a DE that is still learning the LB position there are 2 veteran starters. Jones (or whoever) has an easier time of things because he is bracketed by veterans. Also with Kiwi, Tuck, and JPP (all decent run stoppers) on the DL the LBs have an easier time of things overall. There is no need to go with 3 safeties because there are already 2 decent LBs starting.

TT gets hurt. Since the safeties don't have to play up in this scenario they can help Ross more in coverage.

I admit the scenario isn't totally thought out. However, depth on a team is not only built through having many players at a few positions. Depth is also built through having solid players at every positions. Reese does not seem to understand that idea. Instead he has certain position he believes to be much more important than others. This causes the Giants to have large weaknesses at the positions he could care less about.

Reese needs to go because he will never build a complete roster. BPA does not exist because he will never draft outside of the positions that he values.

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