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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Week 16

Last Week: 8-8

Season Record: 142-82

Wow, I'm slipping in the second half of the season just like--oh never mind. In all seriousness, it is Week 16 already and the end of the regular season is ten days away. I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting sick of watching everyone but us in the playoffs, and I don't want it to be three years straight. I'm getting my game face ready, and I hope TC, his staff, and the players are doing the same. But hey, this column is about NFL picks, not just our Giants. So here we go.....

Houston at Indianapolis--Memo to the NFL. Please let me pick the prime time games next year. You don't have to pay me. I just want to give a crap about said games. Sincerely, Frosty the Snowman. Texans 34, Colts 27

Cleveland at Baltimore--Can anyone figure the Ravens out? They are among a handful of teams that have looked like Super Bowl contenders and like the Rams from week to week (sorry Spags). Ravens 27, Browns 9

Denver at Buffalo--Okay, so Tebow Time is human. The Bills, meanwhile, are so bad right now that they let Reggie Bush rush for over 200 yards, at home. Yikes. Broncos 23, Bills 20

Tampa Bay at Carolina--Wow, this is a battle for last place in the AFC South. How disappointing are the Bucs this year? Panthers 30, Bucs 27

Arizona at Cincinnati--Seriously, the Cardinals are 7-7 and in the hunt for the wild card, as improbable as that seems. To think, the Victor Cruz "giving himself up" play might actually matter at the end of the season. Okay, maybe not. Bengals 20, Cards 10

Oakland at Kansas City--The AFC West sure has some interesting and bitter rivalries. And right now, two games separate top to bottom in that division. Chiefs 17, Raiders 16

Miami at New England--Billy B has the 1-seed in his sights and he will put his foot on the gas in a big way. Patriots 45, Dolphins 17

NY Giants at NY Jets--I feel like this is one of those games that will go our way. But I could change my mind. No, I'm sticking to it. Giants 20, Jets 17

St. Louis at Pittsburgh--The Steelers are also a mess, but hey, they are 10-4, soon to be 11-4. Steelers 24, Rams 6

Jacksonville at Tennessee--The Titans are hanging by a thread, and the Jags are playing out the string. Titans 17, Jags 10

Minnesota at Washington--How many of you are starting to hate the Redskins almost as much as the Cowboys and Eagles this season? Redskins 27, Vikings 20

San Diego at Detroit--Suddenly the Chargers are trying to save Norv's job. Lions 33, Chargers 30

Philadelphia at Dallas--Whew. I'm scratching my head here. Where is my coin? Eagles 30, Cowboys 27

San Francisco at Seattle--Pete Carroll seems to do more with less, doesn't he? Seahawks 17, Niners 13

Chicago at Green Bay--This one was sure to be a doozy on Christmas night, but Cutler and Forte and now Knox have reduced the Bears to cubs with no fur. Packers 31, Bears 10

Atlanta at New Orleans--A possible playoff preview on Monday Night Football? Really? Merry Christmas to us. Sort of. Saints 37, Falcons 34