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New York Giants News and Notes: Meadowlands Hump Day Edition

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Good morning fellow Giants fans. It's the hump day before game day and we have a big one on Saturday against the Jets. That game aside, it's pretty cool of the NFL to schedule all those games on Christmas Eve, forcing us to get all of our shopping done before that. It's a pretty interesting match up too, since the Giants and Jets haven't played a game against each other with this much meaning since 1988. And it's a must-win for our G-men. Again. They tend to either rise up, or crap their pants, in big games like this; but there is usually never an in-between, at least not in the last few years. Let's have a look at what news is surrounding Big Blue this morning....

Christmas Eve game between NY Giants and NY Jets biggest one since epic 1988 clash - NY Daily News
In so many ways, because the game does matter so much to both of them, this is as close as we have ever had to the Giants and Jets going against each other in the playoffs, which means as close as we have come so far to a Subway Super Bowl.

For New York Giants, sense of urgency will help remove sting of loss - NFL - Sporting News
As collectively embarrassed as the New York Giants appeared over their no-show performance against Washington, their Christmas Eve matchup with the New York Jets is making them quickly forget that debacle.

Giants (7-7) Vs. Jets (8-6): How The Giants Got Here - SB Nation New York
How did the season get to this point for the Giants? Well, let's take a look at their first 14 games to find out.

What Ed points out here is pretty depressing, and accurate--that there were chinks in the armor during the season, even as the Giants began the season 6-2.

Joe Namath says NY Jets will win Christmas Eve game with NY Giants, but no guarantees - NY Daily News
Joe Namath predicts the Jets will beat the Giants on Saturday – he still bleeds green – but he’s not feeling confident enough to take the next step and guarantee it. These Jets aren’t good enough to get that kind of endorsement from Joe Willie.

Well, keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who hit on (and slobbered on) ESPN's Suzy Kolber a few years back.

Jets' Mark Brunell compares Tom Coughlin, Rex Ryan |
Nineteen-year NFL veteran Mark Brunell is one of the few men who have played under both Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan as head coaches. The Jets back-up quarterback confirmed the obvious today: Their styles could not be more different.

NY Jets learn they may not feel at home Saturday against NY Giants - NY Daily News
How much do Jet fans love their team? We’re about to find out, around kickoff time on Saturday, whether Lawrence Taylor was right years ago when he said Jet fans are just Giant fans who can’t get Giant tickets.

Eli Manning a Giant letdown to many owners –
Eli Manning broke many fantasy owners' hearts Sunday by laying a statistical egg against the Washington Redskins. The New York Giants quarterback threw for 257 yards, but his three interceptions and failure to hurl a touchdown might have made him the goat of the 2011 fantasy playoffs.

Rex Ryan says if Jets lose to Giants, blame is all on him |
"I know it's going to fall on one person, and that's the way it should be," Ryan said. "It's coming right on top of me and that's fine. And when we win, it will be about the Jets and that's where I want the attention to be. If we lose, it's coming right down on me and I can handle it. I hope I don't have to."

Really? Since when do head coaches even come close to touching the "if we lose" phrase? I know he's being realistic, but yikes. And I hope he does have to handle it.

NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez insists NY Giants defense still looms large - NY Daily News
Yep, Sanchez makes the Giants defense, which ranks 28th in the NFL and 29th against the pass, sound like the 1985 Bears.

Have you seen the film, Mark?

Stock Watch 2011 Week 15 - NFC East Blog - ESPN
But while those problems were more easily explained when the Saints, Packers and Cowboys were throwing on them at will, the fact the Redskins' offense was able to operate so efficiently and with so much third-down success Sunday was extremely troubling for the Giants.

You know, this article is talking about first round pick Prince Amukamara's stock, but it brings up an interesting discussion. How bad are the Giants on third down, and fourth down? I dug a bit and found this. The Giants' third down percentage defensively is 40.64, ranking them 22nd in the NFL. But in the last four games, that number climbs to 54.05 percent, WORST in the NFL. Think about that for a second, and you have maybe the biggest reason for the 1-5 second half so far. Also, the Giants are 26th in fourth down percentage defensively, with a 56.25 mark. So if you ever feel like we can't get a stop and get our defense off the field, those numbers back that feeling up.

Happy hump day everyone, and let's get our game faces ready.