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Giants Top 5 Defensive [Mis]-Plays Of The Week

Here we are again with our weekly sponsored post from Gillette Pro Glide, which is supposed to detail the New York Giants Top 5 Defensive Plays of the Week. Again this week I am going to go rogue and do this a different way. Off the top of my head here are five plays the Giants did not make on defense that could have helped change the outcome of Sunday's 23-10 loss to the Washington Redskins.

So, here we go.

1. Antrel Rolle's Missed Tackle: Washington led 3-0 and had third-and-17 at their own 43-yard line. The Giants rushed three and got exactly what they wanted -- a short dumpoff to Donte Stallworth. Unfortunately, Rolle dives at Stallworth's ankles and whiffs at the 50-yard line. Stallworth gets nine more yards. Instead of punting on fourth-and-10 the Redskins convert on fourth-and-one, and subsequently toast Prince Amakumara for a 10-0 lead.

2. Prince Amakuamara's Mis-Play on Santana Moss's Touchdown: Amukamara has admitted that Moss, wide open in the left side of the end zone, was his responsibility on this 20-yard touchdown pass. I have watched the play a couple of times and Amukamara never gave himself a chance. He recognizes who he is covering at the snap, but plays soft, inside coverage as if he is expecting a slant. When Moss goes outside Amukamara is at least five yards behind with no hope of closing that ground.

3. Another Amukamara Mis-Play: With the score 10-0 and Washington driving following an interception the Redskins face third-and-10 at the New York 22-yard line. Amukamara is in man coverage on the outside against Jabar Gaffney. Only, Amukamara isn't even lined up in the state of New Jersey. He's so far off in coverage he might as well be in upstate New York. To make matters worse, when Gaffney catches a quick slant which should have meant a six- or seven-yard gain and a field goal, Amukamara jumps inside, loses contain and allows Gaffney a 16-yard gain and a first down. Washington scores to make it 17-0.

4. Jason Pierre-Paul's Mathias Kiwanuka Moment: On the play following Gaffney's catch Washington hands to Darell Young going up the middle. Pierre-Paul has him at the line of scrimmage for no gain, but somehow does not recognize that Young has the ball. He lets him go with a little shove and Young plows through Rolle as if the Giants' safety is little more than a nuisance to score, making it 17-0.

5. JPP's Near Miss: A week after blocking the potential game-tying field goal against the Dallas Cowboys, Pierre-Paul nearly did it again Sunday against the Redskins. After a Manning interception to open the second half Washington lined up for a 43-yard field attempt. Pierre-Paul, as he did the previous week, breaks into the middle and leaps. He gets fingertips on this one, but it isn't enough and Gano's kick makes the score 20-3.