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Giants' Game Ball Goes To Jason Pierre-Paul

Well, this sucks. For the fifth time in six weeks, we are giving a game ball to someone from the losing team. And just like in Ed's Kudos and Wet Willies, the only player even remotely worthy of this honor is defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, a bright spot amid lots of dark ones as the Giants were embarrassed at home, 23-10, to the Redskins on Sunday.

JPP is becoming a regular here, and Sunday he racked up 11 tackles (5 assists) and a sack--the only sack of the day on Redskins' QB Rex Grossman, and one in which JPP had a straight path to the QB and just leveled him. It's worth noting that it was also a clean hit, so, unlike many other plays in which the Giants did something good, this was a positive play that did not draw a flag. We'll even let slide that JPP lost track of who had the ball on the Darrell Young's touchdown run, because, well, nobody else, including the Fox camera crew, knew who had the ball either.

Also, it's becoming more and more evident that in only his second season, Pierre-Paul has become a force and a leader on this defense. With 13.5 sacks, JPP trails only Jared Allen, Jason Babin and DeMarcus Ware -- and even though those players all play in the NFC, Pierre-Paul still deserves Pro Bowl consideration.