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Rolando McClain Arrested: Luckily, He Is Oakland's Problem

Remember back in 2010 when -- as has become an annual -- there was a HUGE clamor among New York Giants fans for the team to snag a linebacker in the first round of the NFL draft? The object of everyone's affection that year was then-Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain.

The Giants had to have him! Jerry Reese had to trade up to get him! Well, did you see that McClain got arrested this week after allegedly holding a man at gunpoint during an altercation? And check the really goofy, out-of-place happy-face on McClain as he is photographed while being handcuffed. What is up with that?

The Giants ended up with Jason Pierre-Paul. Just like in 2009 when many wanted former Rutgers star Kenny Britt and the Giants wound up with Hakeem Nicks, again getting the better end of the deal.

Things don't seem great for the Giants these days. I just point these out, though, to remind you that things could be worse. Oh, and that clamoring fans don't always get it right, either.