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New York Giants News and Notes: Seeing Green Edition

Good morning fellow Giants' fans. It's the Friday before the Sunday before we play the undefeated Green Bay Packers at home, and since I live in Madison among many Packers' fans, I can tell you this--they (friends and neighbors) are not taking the Giants lightly. They know the team that beat New England in Foxboro is the same team that can upset the Pack, regardless of how crappy our D looked on Monday night. Speaking of that, let's begin the notebook today with a couple of quotes from Perry Fewell's Thursday transcripts....

"I thought Monday we just didn’t play well. We were outplayed, outhustled. They’ve played with more effort, more energy. We got outcoached. We just didn’t play well last week. So for whatever reason, I can’t explain that, I don’t think any of those guys can explain that either. We prepared well. We didn’t perform well – bottom line."

"Sometimes you have to will yourself to win. You can’t always scheme an opportunity for them to come free. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you just have to beat a double team. I’ve seen that many times. Some of our guys are able to beat double teams and we just haven’t been doing that."

I believe Ed will have more on Fewell's quotes later, because his interview was a doozy. He is putting some blame on himself, but he's also flat-out saying some guys did not put in the effort Monday night. I'm not sure if the players will respond positively, but Fewell is right for saying some of those things.

Will the Giants hand the Packers their first loss? |
Few seem to think the Giants will upset the undefeated Green Bay Packers on Sunday, but count Mike Garafolo as one of those people. The Star-Ledger beat writer predicted after the Giants lost to the Eagles, they'd lose to the Saints but then beat the Packers. And he's sticking by that.

Well okay then!

New York Giants team report: Banged-up receiving unit a big problem vs. Green Bay - NFL - Sporting News
Knowing they need all hands on deck to have a chance to upset the unbeaten Green Bay Packers, the New York Giants were not able to get their starting wide receivers on the field for the bulk of the practice week leading into the game. Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday, and if the Giants are without two of their top targets on Sunday, they won’t be able to score enough points. Nicks came out of the loss in New Orleans with a rib contusion and also a headache, which prompted the Giants to administer the concussion protocol. Although Nicks did not suffer a concussion and was cleared, he is not at full strength.

I feel pretty good about Barden and Cruz, but I guess the depth beyond that is pretty questionable.

New Orleans Saints toe blurry line between fair hit and foul play - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News -
Saints Coach Sean Payton said that tally is "certainly more than we're used to and certainly more than what's acceptable." But a few of those penalties were questionable calls. Payton was particularly disappointed in a roughing the passer penalty levied against defensive end Will Smith in the fourth quarter, when replays showed that Smith clearly did not make any helmet contact with Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Former NFL director of officials Mike Pereira said in a Fox Sports chat that the penalty shouldn't have been called.

Maybe some of the calls were questionable, but some of those hits were really questionable, and it's a fact that Gregg Williams' players are chippy and trained to play a bit dirty. It should be interesting this week since Jim Schwartz coaches the same way. I expect a few fights and at least a couple of ejections.

New York Giants Could Provide Help Detroit Lions Need to Reach Playoffs - SideLion Report - A Detroit Lions Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
The Giants enjoyed much of the first half of the season as the front-men in the NFC East but they now find themselves looking up at the Dallas Cowboys. Thanks to a scheduling quirk, the two teams will face each other two times in the final four weeks of the season. A couple Giants wins could put them back in position to win the NFC East and bump the Cowboys down to where the Lions head to head advantage over Dallas could mean something.

I think we can all agree that a win on Sunday would put the Giants right back in contention, but that's a big "if." A really big "if." I guess in the spirit of Michael Strahan propping up the defense with a surprise visit this past week, we should get our 2007(8) game faces on, since we won at least three games that postseason that no one thought we would. So I'm dusting mine off now. Are you guys with me?