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Eli Manning Press Conference, 12.19.11

Q: Is it a good or bad thing to have all this hype over who you are playing this week?
A: It is a big game because of the circumstances. Both teams are fighting for playoff position and both teams are coming off losses so those are the reasons that it is a big game. There may be other factors that come into that but none should be bigger than the reasons that both teams are trying to get into the playoffs.

Q: Why haven't the Giants played well at home and because you all are the road team, is that a good thing?
A: I don't have a reason and haven't noticed that. I think it is a matter of coming out there and finding a way to win. We just have to put everything together. We need to play our best football as a team. Our defense plays well and our offense doesn't play well or our offense plays well and our defense doesn't. We just have to put it all together and both units playing our best football and the way that we know that we can. We want to try to put ourselves in a position to win the game in the end.

Q: What are your impressions of Mark Sanchez as a whole, the player, the quarterback and New York quarterback?
A: I am really not in position to answer that question. We haven't played many similar opponents this year so I haven't seen their offense a whole lot. I am really more educated on their defense because I looked at them today and I'm trying to get a good feel for them.

Q: Have you met him before?
A: I have been around him a number of times. He is very nice, a good kid and a good football player.

Q: Do you think you are over this loss or does it still linger?
A: I think you have to deal with it the same way you deal with other losses. We have lost games and we still know where we stand. We have a big one ahead of us and the only way to get this bad taste out of our mouths is to play our best football Saturday.

Q: What is the key to consistency?
A: I think everything comes into factor. It is just guys just being ready and it comes down to execution. It is really just guys knowing their assignments and from an offensive standpoint, guys are knowing what they are doing. It is not a whole lot of mental mistakes. It is just a matter of executing and guys just doing their assignment and playing the play longer than the opponent. When there is an opportunity to make plays, you make them. Sometimes the defense has a good defense called and then it is about making good decisions and not putting your team in harm's way.

Q: Does dropping a pass bother you more than a missed assignment?
A: I think our guys have been good. I think our receivers and guys offensively are doing their assignments. There is not a whole lot of mistakes going on. There is always things to clean up or you say I wish you could have did this but that is the game of football. Guys are not running the wrong routes and things like that. Guys are doing a good job and now it is just a matter of everybody doing their part. The great thing about football is that 10 guys can be doing everything perfect and one guy doesn't. It is not that he is doing the wrong thing but maybe he misses a block or the receiver may not get his right depth on a route. Everything comes in to factor and everybody needs to not only do their job but do it at a high level in order to have success.

Q: What is the sense around the building about beating the Jets?
A: Obviously, we have only played them one time in the regular season so it is hard to say. Obviously, when you have two teams in the same area, the same city and using the same stadium, you want to have success. You want to be your best and if you see them having success, it makes things worse. I think it's still, not so much about the Jets, it is about our season and what we need to accomplish and what we are trying to do to enhance our season and extend it.

Q: Do you think the Jets trash talk matters?
A: I am not going to pay attention to it, my focus is getting ready for their defense and getting ready for this game. I need to understand our game plan and what we need to do to try to win. You hear bits and pieces but I am not going to go get the paper and read every quote that Rex Ryan is saying and take it to heart. I am sure some people will respond to it but it is not going to be me.

Q: What did your receivers say to you today that makes you believe that they will not leave you out there alone?
A: Our receivers work hard, do a great job and are committed to their craft. I sat with Hakeem today and the sun got in his eyes and he had a freak play. That doesn't happen very often to him and he said he didn't play very well but he will play better next week. He was around and I saw Victor for a second. Those guys work hard and they expect high things from themselves. I appreciate the way they are competing when they are out there and they want to do the right things. They are playing great football and sometimes you don't catch many breaks and you have some weird plays that get intercepted. It is unfortunate but I think guys will have the mindset to come back. They have that out of their system and they will continue to improve and play at a high level.

Q: What is your response to Antrel Rolle's comments?
A: Obviously we have some guys that are injured and are banged up and they are trying to do their part to get back on the field and get ready. There are guys who practice and if they can't then they are going to rehab and make sure they are ready for game day. That is the situation that we are in right now and we have a lot of guys banged up and we are trying to fill spots and keep guys in games. We have to make sure that guys' heads are in the right place going into this game. The more guys you have practicing and a part of things, the better. These are the circumstances we are in right now and as long as they are getting mental reps and mentally ready to play each game, that has to be the case. It is about everybody sticking together, everybody supporting each other and playing a great game this week.

Q: What do you say to Rex Ryan's comments about the being the best team in New York?
A: Obviously, that will be decided on Saturday. I am looking forward to our opportunity and playing our best football.

Q: Do you buy into the winner owning the city?
A: My focus is on the New York Giants and our season and trying to make sure that we have the best season that we can. It is an important game for both teams and both teams should be ready to come out with a lot of energy. There is a lot of excitement surrounding it. I am looking forward to a great contest.

Q: Do you think the Redskins knew what you were going to do?
A: I think you are always confident in a game plan. We felt confident in what they were going to do. It is a team that you play twice a year and you see them play 13 games already so you have an idea of what they are going to do and what we are going to do. It is a matter of executing at a high level.