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Giants Vs. Redskins: Pro Football Focus Weekly Review

I am sure many of you are still in a foul mood, and probably don't want to any more numbers regarding Sunday's 23-10 loss to the Washington Redskins. Still, though, since it is one of the things we have done all season let's review the Pro Football Focus numbers for the New York Giants from that game.


Ahmad Bradshaw (+1.4)
Mario Manningham (-1.3) ... When, oh when, will Manningham learn to run the correct pass route?
Chris snee (-2.6)
David Diehl (-3.6) ... Do you think, maybe, that it is instructive that Diehl gets the lowest offensive grade nearly every week?


Michael Boley (+5.1) ... I didn't see that grade coming. I know he had a good number of tackles, but no impact or extraordinary plays
Mathias Kiwanuka (+4.4)
Chris Canty (+3.2)
Jason Pierre-Paul (+2.9) ... How does JPP not have a much higher grade than this? After 16 tackles and a sack his grade should be off the charts
Corey Webster (+2.0) ... Don't blame the coverage woes on him
Justin Tuck (+1.5) ... He isn't anywhere near healthy, but Tuck did everything he could Sunday, particularly in run support
Antrel Rolle (-2.3)
Prince Amukamara (-2.4) ... PFF says Amukamara was on the field for just 10 snaps, and that the Redskins targeted him six times in those 10 plays. They completed four balls.
Linval Joseph (-2.6)