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Antrel Rolle Blames Media, Says He Did Not Call Out Justin Tuck

As always, Antrel Rolle's weekly radio appearance on WFAN with Benigno and Roberts was a newsworthy event. Today, rolle was left explaining some of the comments he made after Sunday's game, and trying to unlodge his foot from his mouth in reference to comments he made about the Washington Redskins last week.

Rolle had said this after the loss on Sunday:

"It starts in practice, man. This s- starts in practice. And you know what? We need to have everyone on the field. If you're injured, so be it, you're injured. We understand that. But nicks and bruises? Everyone needs to be on the field because we're not getting better like this."

That was taken by some as a slap at defensive end Justin Tuck, who has practiced little in recent weeks as he has battled a myriad of injuries. Monday, Rolle blamed reporters for twisting his words.

"First of all, my comments weren't directed to anyone in particular. And I know the media - as always - are trying to pinpoint one of our guys, which is Justin Tuck," Rolle said. "At the end of the day, legitimate injuries are legitimate injuries. I'm not saying be Superman. But I'm just saying if you can give us a little bit more, give us a little bit more."

Rolle had said last week that the Giants would beat the Redskins 95 out of 100 times. Asked how many times out of 100 the Giants would beat this week's opponent, the New York Jets, Rolle did not bite.

"I really think I'm done answering that question," he said. "Washington made me put my foot in my mouth on that question. I think I still have it in there."

Also, Rolle at least did accept some responsibility for Sunday's loss -- during which he failed to make a couple of crucial tackles.

"I'm better than that," he said. "And I will play better and I will do better."