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Redskins 23, Giants 10: Chris Canty Post-Game Press Conference

Q: It seems like it can never be easy here, am I right?

A: Absolutely. We had a tremendous opportunity here against a division opponent and we let it slip through our fingers. We didn't take advantage of it and we did not play New York Giants football. It was a very disappointing loss. Too many mistakes, too many penalties, we just didn't make enough plays.

Q: How can you explain where this team was a week ago and what we saw on the field today?

A: I don't know and that's the frustrating part about it. We played against a very difficult division opponent on the road, performed at a very high level and we were able to get a win. Then we come back home, an environment where we should have a lot of energy, sharper execution and we did not demonstrate great purpose or great focus. We looked like the four-win team out there today rather than the Redskins. It's embarrassing, I'm embarrassed.

Q: Are you worried that everything is slipping away now?

A: No, I can't worry about that. This game is gone, there's nothing we can do about this opportunity. We've got two games ahead of us and we still have an opportunity to do exactly what we want to do, what we set out to do so we are going to go to work tomorrow and figure out what went wrong today and try to get it corrected in a hurry because we have a short week and we don't have a lot of opportunity so we need to lick our wounds and move forward.

Q: What is the focus for this week?

A: Well, first off we need to start with better preparation. I think that we need a little more focus, a little more intensity and practice and prepare with a greater purpose. We just need to be sharper and crisper this time of year. The stakes get higher, the intensity picks up and it is just what it is in the National Football League. We need to start there.

Q: Are you guys worn down with each game carrying so much significance?

A: No, that's not wearing us down, that's what you play for. Anyone that likes to compete loves to be in those types of situations. It's energizing us rather than wearing us down. Knowing that everything means something, every game is going to get bigger, that energizes competitors but unfortunately we didn't play with the energy that we needed to win this football game today and that's what's disappointing.