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Redskins 23, Giants 10: Antrel Rolle Post-Game Press Conference

Q: Can you put a finger on why things didn't come together today?

A: No. I mean, we can point a lot of fingers but it's still not going to change the outcome. They were the best team today, hands down.

Q: Did they show you something different this time?

A: Nothing at all. Nothing different at all. Like I said, they were the better team, from top to bottom, but we still have two games left to compete and hopefully we turn things around.

Q: Do you feel that you guys came out flat today?

A: I don't think we came out flat, we just didn't have enough fight throughout the entire game. It's football, man, if you don't have enough fight then you don't deserve to be on the field and that's the bottom line. We have to get that together.

Q: How frustrating is today's loss?

A: I don't want to say much on that but it is definitely frustrating. I have said that we are the better team but they [Washington] beat us twice so clearly they're the better team at this moment. We have got to get back.

Q: Will the team pull together?

A: We better. It's either that or we go home. It starts throughout the week.

Q: What's the emphasis on next week's game against the Jets?

A: It puts everything on it. It's either win or go home. We just have to find a way to get it done. We need to come up with a better plan. Obviously what we are doing right now just isn't good enough.