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This Is A Playoff Team?

No, I didn't abandon you guys. I've been busy writing at SB Nation New York while Sean did a bang-up job knocking off a recap for you.

Over at SB Nation New York I have offered the opinion that it is difficult to see the New York Giants as a playoff team. Here is part of what I wrote:

If the Giants defeat the New York Jets on Saturday and the Dallas Cowboys on New Year's Day they win the NFC East championship.

If you are a Giants fan, can you really have any confidence that your team can do that, however? On top of which do you really believe this miserably inconsistent, defensively-challenged team that talks tough but often fails to play with urgency is really a playoff-caliber team? It's hard to see how.

There is plenty more at SB Nation New York, including what sounds like some good news about Devin Thomas. I will have lots more for you in both places this evening as transcripts with post-game reaction start coming in from the Giants.