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Redskins 17, Giants 3, Second-Half Open Thread

I really don't know if the first half could have been any worse for the New York Giants. Truthfully, though, with the unpredictable way the Giants have played this season could you have expected anything else? Did you really think the Giants would do this the easy way?

I foolishly told the folks at Hogs Haven that I thought this would finally be the week the Giants played a complete game from beginning to end. Well, I guess not.

The Giants trail, 17-3, with a 40-yard field goal by Lawrence Tynes sneaking inside the left upright with :02 left in the half to give the Giants their only points.

The Giants have had four dropped passes, including one by Hakeem Nicks that would have been a 55-yard touchdown pass. They have had penalties. They have had screw-ups like Jason Pierre-Paul letting go of a ball carrier heading to the end zone with the ball. They have -- of course -- had mis-communications in the secondary. Some plain and simple awful play in the secondary as well.

The Giants gained, according to FOX, 29 yards in the first quarter. That would be their worst production of the season in any quarter. Manning is 7-for-17 for 77 yards with one interception.

The Giants have lived dangerously all season, and they have lived on late-game Manning magic all season. They will have to do it again. If they don't this season could very well be over.