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New York Giants Notes: Sunday Morning Reading Material

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Today we see if the Giants can get past their annoying tendency to play down to the level of teams that are not as talented as they are. They had better if they want to be a playoff team. There is no more margin for error.

Anyway, here is some reading material for you as you await the 1 p.m. ET kickoff.

Michael Boley Under Investigation For Child Abuse - SB Nation New York

New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley is under investigation amid allegations that he repeatedly abused his five-year old son this spring, TMZ reported on Saturday.

Giants won't fall flat at home again ... right? | New York Daily News

If the Giants lose this game they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Really. It would be pathetic. They are better than the Redskins, no matter what happened on Opening Day, and if they come out flat with so much at stake – as they so often do at home when there’s so much at stake – they should be ashamed of themselves.

Giants rookie Henry Hynoski boosts run game by creating big holes |
Rookie fullback Henry Hynoski isn’t one to trash talk; he usually allows his hard-hitting play to serve as his communication on the field.

And he was doing just that last Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys, consistently creating holes for the Giants’ stable of running backs throughout a crucial 37-34 victory.

But when Cowboys veteran linebacker Brady James, who Hynoski met head-on throughout the night, began running his mouth, Hynoski didn’t hold back.

"I really don’t chirp unless somebody chirps at me first, so if somebody says something to me first, that’s when I’ll kind of go back at it," Hynoski said. "I usually stay to myself during the game for the most part.

Boothe believes snapping problems fixed - Giants Blog - ESPN New York

Kevin Boothe believes there's a better fitting baseball analogy for trying to fix his snapping problems than one that involves Chuck Knoblauch.

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