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New York Giants News And Notes: Lawrence Tynes, Kevin Gilbride And More

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is some Saturday morning reading material for you.

Tynes Finally Healthy, Having Special Season

"I’m pain-free for the first time in two or three years so I feel good," he said.

He added: "I feel as good as I’ve ever felt, especially this time of year. That and obviously moving the kickoff up five yards has helped. But yeah, I’m definitely hitting the ball better."

My take: Tynes has been spectacular this season, Let's hope it continues.

Here are a couple of thoughts from offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, whose meeting with reporters this week was overshadowed by Perry Fewell's grilling concerning the defensive struggles.

Gilbride on the resurgence of Brandon Jacobs:

"The obvious thing just looking at him, he's running with great confidence so his cuts are much more precise, much more authoritative. He looks more physical and I think when you're feeling confident about what you're doing you let it flow and that's what it looks like he's doing. The million dollar question is why and I don't have an answer for that. I'm just happy that it's starting to manifest itself and I think he's doing a good job. It's been fun to watch and it's definitely helped. There's no question," Gilbride said.

Gilbride on the job done by the revamped offensive line:

think they're doing a good job up front. It's amazing right now with all of the injuries and all of the new faces and new bodies. I'm just very proud of the job that those guys are doing. If I thought earlier in the year that we would be playing with some of the bodies we're playing with, I would've said, ‘Whoa.' But they're doing a terrific job. They're hanging in there and fighting and they're doing a great job. ... As a group, they're playing better. We're playing better. Boothie (Kevin Boothe) has been flat out outstanding. Some of the snaps have been unnerving, but other than that he's keeping Eli's back loose."

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