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New York Giants Notes: No Time for a Letdown Edition

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Good morning fellow Giants fans. I don't know about you guys, but I already have my game face out and it's ready to be put on. Hopefully the Giants' players and coaches have that same focus and determination because they will need it on Sunday against a tough Redskins team. The Redskins beat us 28-14 on opening day, causing a lot of gloom and doom among us fans. The Skins started out 3-1 though, and looked like they might be an actual contender. Then they lost six in a row and in fact have only one won game, against Seattle a few weeks ago, since they were 3-1 in early October. So sure, the Redskins might be 4-9, but they are dangerous, and Tom Coughlin knows that. And this game is crucial for Big Blue, as is every game going forward. Also, the Cowboys will have played on Saturday, and if they win the pressure will really be on the Giants. Boy, this is getting fun, isn't it? So I say to you guys, get your heartburn remedy ready.....

Antrel Rolle’s Cris Collinsworth rip after NY Giants-Cowboys shows broadcasters should be held accountable - NY Daily News
If Rolle didn’t open his mouth who else would? Face it, when was the last time Al Michaels strongly challenged Collinsworth over an analytical point? Come to think of it, when was the last time a play-by-play man held a top NFL analyst such as Collinsworth, Phil Simms, Troy Aikman or Jon Gruden seriously accountable for anything they say?

This is awesome, hilarious and right on the mark.

Giants aim to improve run defense with Washington Redskins coming to town |
Much has been made of the Giants’ struggles against the pass, which have included glaring breakdowns in the secondary on a weekly basis. But the run defense hasn’t been much better, ranking 22nd in the NFL at 127.9 yards allowed per game, and it was on full display in Dallas.

I was going to say Roy Helu is the type of back to give the Giants fits, but lately any running back has done that.

Our own Ed Valentine offered up this most excellent scouting report on the mother ship. Be sure to check it out.

Santana Moss would ‘love to ruin’ Giants’ hopes - The Insider - The Washington Post
And they could still impact the playoff race. The Giants and Cowboys are both 7-6 in the NFC East. The Giants have won the lone meeting between the two teams, and they’ll close the season facing each other at New York. A Redskins win this Sunday could certainly damper New York’s hopes, especially considering the Cowboys play at Tampa Bay. "I’m not a guy to worry about trying to ruin it. But I would love to ruin it," Moss said. "I’m not going to the game wanting to spoil it for them. I’m going out to the game saying, ‘I want to win regardless, whether they have something to fight for or not.’ But when you’re left where that’s all you can do, why not do it?"

Brandon Jacobs sparks NY Giants running game while looking like old self again - NY Daily News
Just a few weeks ago, Jacobs seemed ready for the tailback retirement home, but he has exploded for 160 rushing yards and three TDs. It’s a resurgence that has pleasantly surprised Gilbride.

Have you guys noticed that Jacobs isn't falling down as easily? He's staying on his feet and punishing defenders the way he used to--an absolutely beautiful thing to watch.

Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes says increased production due to good health and weather |
The Giants’ kicker, who had touchbacks on six of seven kickoffs on Sunday, said his production is also due to decent weather for most of the season as well as his being as healthy as he’s been in a few years following three offseason surgeries.

Washington Redskins tackle Barry Cofield praises NY Giants offense then makes a delayed hit on Eli Manning - NY Daily News
"If he would have played this well last year," Cofield added, "we might have given Green Bay a run for their money." While Cofield needled Manning, he seemed generally impressed with the Giants offense. He called Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks "Pro Bowlers in my eyes," and said he saw signs the running game was coming around. "They’re a top-five offense," he said. "That’s a problem you have to deal with."

Redskins place LaRon Landry on injured reserve, raising questions about his future - The Washington Post
With his strained left Achilles’ tendon failing to respond to treatment, LaRon Landry will finish the year on the injured reserve list for a second consecutive season, casting further doubt on the strong safety’s future with the Washington Redskins.

NFL: Manning unfazed by success this season -
All that matters to the 30-year-old is winning and getting the Giants (7-6) back to the playoffs for the first time since the 2008 season. He’d even fork over 3,000 of his 4,105 yards this season for three more wins. "No doubt! No doubt!" said Manning, who has emerged from his injured brother Peyton’s shadow in this his eighth season and joined the NFL’s elite quarterbacks. "It’s about winning. That’s when it is fun. Football, it’s fun. A plane ride after a big win or being in the locker room after the game or Mondays coming in after a win. Those are the feelings. Those are the things you want to win for. It’s not about throwing yards or touchdowns. It’s about being in that locker room with all your buddies after that big win that you prepared for all week and you know you’ve done everything you could and it paid off."

Jim Fassel Still Waiting for Second Chance as an N.F.L. Coach -
But eight years later, that remains Fassel’s last N.F.L. head coaching job. Coaches like Norv Turner and Marty Schottenheimer have received second and third — and, in the case of Schottenheimer, even fourth — chances despite never reaching the Super Bowl, while more successful Fassel contemporaries like Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden are out of the league but constantly linked to openings. It has been a long time since Fassel has been a serious candidate.

McCullough graduate Izzo serves on New York Giants’ staff - Your Houston News: Sports
Izzo, 37, not only played in the NFL, but he became one of the top special teams players and backup linebackers in the league, amassing 298 tackles and serving as a special teams captain in nine seasons of a 14-year career.

Is it bad that when I saw this article, I started to wonder if he might replace Tom Quinn sometime soon?

NFL: The Giants on the Giants -
We know who has the most sacks. We know who the top pass-catchers and running backs are. But as the Giants head into the stretch run of the season, do we really know the Giants? Heck, do the Giants really know the Giants?

This is a hilarious piece. Going back to Collinsworth, I heard him interviewed on Dan Patrick this week and he was saying he thinks there is even more joking around at Giants' practice than at Jets' practice, despite the perception that Tom Coughlin is a crusty old no-fun coach, while Rex Ryan is a goofball who goofs around with his players. This article shows some of that personality in Big Blue coming through. Nicely done, Aditi!

Mikey's random Friday thoughts.....

For all this talk about Tim Tebow, the Broncos' game on Sunday against New England will either make the Tebow-is-a-miracle-worker talk continue even more if they win, or shut it down completely if they lose. But I sure don't wanna be the guy to bet against Tebow's Broncos now.

I'm hungry, and can go for one of these sandwiches that I created on my food blog, Mikey's Kitchen. And for the game on Sunday, maybe a couple of these.

Is it me, or do the holidays come up and whack you in the butt before you've had a chance to think about what to get your significant other? Yikes. Maybe this notebook should self-destruct so I can go do some Christmas shopping. Oh, but first, I should let you read it.

It's go time, fellas. Let's keep our grip on the NFC East lead.