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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Week 15

Last Week: 10-6

Season Record: 134-74

No, really, Week 15? Why does the NFL offseason feel like an eternity, and the regular season like a weekend? Oh well, it IS exciting watching the playoff picture unfold and then of course the actual playoffs, and hopefully the Giants will be participants this time around. Actual story--I was texting a client from Texas Sunday night before the game. He started talking trash, and I said "just watch, final score Giants 37, Cowboys 34," thinking that was the score I had picked here on my crystal ball. Actual pick was 34-31, but still. Is that not sort of freaky? My client, tail between his legs, said that he hoped I bet on the game. I didn't, so I'm still doing this column from my house in frigid Wisconsin instead of from a beach in the Caribbean. With that.....

Jacksonville at Atlanta--I wouldn't expect any help here, not with the Falcons at home and the Jags 1-5 on the road. Falcons 30, Jags 13

Dallas at Tampa Bay--Hey, if Brandon Jacobs can hurdle a Dallas defender, LeGarrette Blount should be able to hurdle 11 guys at once. Anyway, this is the game we really need help on, but I'm not expecting that either. Cowboys 27, Bucs 17

Miami at Buffalo--The Dolphins are 4-2 in their last six, the Bills 0-6, yet I can't bring myself to pick Miami in Buffalo in December. Bills 34, Dolphins 27

Seattle at Chicago--Is anyone else amazed that Seattle is 6-7? Bears 20, Seahawks 10

Carolina at Houston--Congrats to the Texans, who, amazingly, are fighting for a first round bye in the AFC with a third-string QB. Texans 28, Panthers 24

Tennessee at Indianapolis--If the 2008 Lions played the 2011 Colts, who would win? Yeah, I know, who cares? Titans 24, Colts 17

Green Bay at Kansas City--Boy, wouldn't it be funny if....nah. Packers 35, Chiefs 17

New Orleans at Minnesota--If you have to pick a high scoring team this week, look no further. Saints 45, Vikings 24

Washington at NY Giants--Rex Grossman, meet JPP. I'm also feeling two salsa dances from Victor Cruz. Giants 31, Redskins 27 (because they can't not make us sweat).

Cincinnati at St. Louis--If you have to pick a low scoring team this week.....Bengals 20, Rams 3

Detroit at Oakland--I'm not expecting help here, either, but these two teams are pretty hard to figure out. Lions 31, Raiders 28

Cleveland at Arizona--After emotional wins against Dallas and San Fran, this is the kind of game the Cardinals will probably lose. Okay, maybe not. Cards 20, Browns 16

New England at Denver--Are you kidding me? This is shaping up to be one of the season's best match ups, and there is just no way I'm picking against Tebow. Broncos 31, Patriots 30

NY Jets at Philadelphia--Look, I don't like to make fun at the expense of other people, but is anyone else curious what would happen if you put Rex Ryan and Andy Reid on the scale together? Eagles 23, Jets 16

Baltimore at San Diego--Will this finally be the season that gets Norv canned? Ravens 27, Chargers 20

Pittsburgh at San Francisco--If you like defense, you will like this one between the only two teams that have given up less than 200 points this season. Niners 13, Steelers 10