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Giants Vs. Redskins: Five Questions With 'Hogs Haven'

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We haven't done a 'Five Questions' segment with a writer from a rival team for the past few weeks, but this week we return that feature to its rightful place in our Thursday lineup. Kevin Ewoldt from Hogs Haven has answered some of our questions to help us get ready for Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins, and we appreciate that.

The Q&A is after the jump. By the way, the graphic you see at the top of this post came from a Big Blue View reader who has volunteered to provide us with some occasional artwork. Our artist has largely been a 'lurker' who goes by the screen name 'Moro Crater.' Hope you the enjoy the post, and the effort to brighten the page just a touch.


Big Blue View: Given that this will be another losing season in Washington is there any reason to believe this franchise is moving forward, or does it seem like the Redskins are still simply spinning their wheels?

Hogs Haven: There is a lot to like with what the Redskins are doing right now. Last draft they turned six draft picks into 12, and so far, nine of them are contributing at a high level right now (Hankerson and Jarvis Jenkins on IR look very promising and another WR is on practice squad). For the first time in twenty years, the Redskins are building a strong, young, core group of guys. A lot of these players were team captains so leadership has been a focal point bringing in players (Bowen, Cofield, Atogwe, etc). The Redskins record is simply not good, but a lot of those losses are a result of poor QB play. When the QB position is addressed, this team will be in the playoff hunt New Years' weekend next year...mark my words.

Big Blue View: Can you see the Redskins doing anything other than taking a quarterback with their first-round selection in the draft this coming April?

Hogs Haven: I'd be shocked if a QB was not taken. I had the chance to see Matt Barkley play and I can't see Shanahan taking anyone but him. If for some reason some one trades up ahead and takes him (or whoever we have pinned for a top 5 pick), I could see the Redskins trading back again and hoarding more picks. More picks is always a good thing.

Big Blue View: We talked about Barry Cofield earlier this season. Now that you have seen him play nose tackle for almost a full season what are your thoughts on that experiment? His numbers would seem to indicate it has not gone well.

Hogs Haven: Barry Cofield is easily the best free agent acquisition the Redskins have had since London Fletcher in 2007. Most Nose Tackles don't have numbers, but he's a large reason the Redskins have 34 sacks. Last week was the first week the Redskins got shut out in the department, but his leadership and ability to stuff the middle has been a great success. Kudous to Jim Haslett. All 3-4 defenses MUST have a solid NT. Last year Ma'ake Kemoeatu was a huge failure, which resulted in the Redskins ranking bottom 5 in defenses in almost every category. This year Redskins D ranks in the teens across the board. Cofield does lead the NFL in batted down balls.

Big Blue View: The most impressive Washington Redskins player this season has been ....?

Hogs Haven: Certainly Roy Helu jumps out. He's the first Redskins to rookie to rush for 100+ yards in his first three starts. London Fletcher though should win most impressive. He is the heart and soul of our team, and the fact at age 36 he's never missed a game AND leads in the NFL in tackles with 134 is simply incredible. The Redskins offense ranks 19th in Time of Possession, so it's not like he's racking up those numbers from being out there all game. He's simply that good.

Big Blue View: Obviously, you would like your team to win the division but that is not going to happen. Is it easier to stomach seeing the Giants win the division, or the Dallas Cowboys?

Hogs Haven: Redskins fans would root for the Taliban if they were playing the one here ever wants to see Dallas win, so that's an easy question. The Giants are the least-hated team in the NFC East (from my standpoint) although Antrel Rolle is doing everything he can to change that (is he your DHall?) Eagles are obviously very obnoxious and Dallas is well...Dallas. The worst.

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