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Random New York Giants Thoughts

Here are a few random thoughts for you to ponder this Wednesday as you also consider the all-important choice of how to spend your lunch hour.

  • I believe that if and when Osi Umenyiora returns to the Giants' lineup it is time for him to step aside for Jason Pierre-Paul. When Umenyiora has played this season it has been Pierre-Paul who has, without complaint, stepped out of the starting lineup, shuffled back-and-forth from left end to right end and has seen his snaps reduced. Well, if it was not obvious before this last week certainly made the statement that it is time for that to end. Pierre-Paul is the Giants' best defensive player, without question, and he is most effective coming off that right edge where Umenyiora has made his living. Umenyiora is still a terrific player, but it's time for the Giants to start building their defense around Pierre-Paul, not shuffling him around so they don't ruffle anyone else's feathers.
  • The Giants have run the football better the past two weeks than they have almost all season. That has to have something to do with the powerful Mitch Petrus being in the lineup. He may have a ways to go to understand pass-blocking, but he gives the Giants a strong, aggressive run-blocker who can win at the point of attack. It would help the Giants greatly long-term if Petrus continues to play well and proves he can be a long-term answer at left guard.
  • The improved play of fullback Henry Hynoski also has something to do with the success of the running game. The rookie undrafted free agent played his best game Sunday against Dallas, very noticeably clearing defenders out of Brandon Jacobs' path on several occasions. Hynoski's block on Jacobs' late one-yard touchdown run might have been his most impressive. He got under a Dallas defender, drove him backwards and wound up taking out two would-be tacklers. Hynoski has worked since training camp on getting lower in his blocks, and that play showed what he has learned.
  • Victor Cruz is closing in on a franchise record for receiving yards in a season. With that in mind, here is a question to ponder. How many yards would he already have if he hadn't dropped probably 30 to 50 yards worth of passes seemingly every week?
  • Thinking ahead, hopefully way ahead, to the off-season the most interesting question for me will be what happens with defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. We know all about Fewell's desire to be an NFL head coach, and how many interviews he had last off-season. Best guess is he will seek interviews for available jobs again this time around. The way the Giants defense has performed, though, you have to wonder if anyone will be calling. It will be interesting to see how much the poor defensive play this season has hurt his head-coaching resume. Shoot, if the defense doesn't play better the rest of the way it's not beyond reason -- though it would be unlike Tom Coughlin -- to think the Giants would fire him. Fewell was once interim head coach of the Buffalo Bills, and I always remember what Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings told me -- that Fewell is a better head coach than defensive coordinator. It is going to be very intriguing to see what everone else thinks.