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Giants Vs. Cowboys, Pro Football Focus Weekly Review

Here is your weekly look at the Pro Football Focus numbers, this time from the New York Giants 37-34 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.


Eli Manning (+6.5) ... was there any doubt this would be a nice number?
Hakeem Nicks (+3.3)
Brandon Jacobs (+2.7)
Henry Hynoski (+1.7) ... PFF agrees with me that this was Hynoski's best game as a Giant.
Travis Beckum (+1.4) ... a Beckum sighting.
Chris snee (+1.1)
D.J. Ware (+1.1)
Victor Cruz (-1.3) ... seven catches, but this is what two bad drops and a stupid penalty will get you
Jake Ballard (-1.9) ... mostly for run-blocking issues
Kevin Boothe (-1.4)
Mitch Petrus (-3.9) ... PFF thought Petrus stunk (-2.1) as a pass blocker. They might be right.
David Diehl (-5.2) ... ugh!


Jason Pierre-Paul (+1.7) ... 1.7? Are you kidding me? He deserves a plus 1 gazillion as far as I'm concerned. He was the only player on the entire unit who made any plays.
Chris Canty (+1.3)
Chase Blackburn (-1.1)
Antrel Rolle (-1.2)
Rocky Bernard (-1.2)
Deon Grant (-1.4)
Linval Joseph (-1.5)
Justin Tuck (-1.5)
Mathias Kiwanuka (-1.8)
Prince Amukamara (-2.0)
Aaron Ross (-3.2)
Jacquian Williams (-4.0)

Yep, not too many good things to say about the defense.

Here, by the way, are the top five and bottom five Giants overall this season in terms of PFF grades.

Top 5

Jason Pierre-Paul (+22.3)
Eli Manning (+20.2)
Ahmad Bradshaw (+14.9)
Hakeem Nicks (+11.0)
Mathias Kiwanuka (+8.2)

Bottom 5

Jacquian Williams (-8.3)
Antrel Rolle (-15.0)
Dave Tollefson (-16.5)
Kareem McKenzie (-18.7)
David Diehl (-36.0) ... I bet you never would have guessed Diehl has the worst overall score.