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Afternoon Giants News And Notes: More Reaction From Sunday Night

Quarterback Eli Manning of the New York Giants passes the ball in the second quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on December 11, 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Quarterback Eli Manning of the New York Giants passes the ball in the second quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on December 11, 2011 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Here is more reaction from Sunday night's thrilling 37-34 victory by the New York Giants over the Dallas Cowboys. Included below you will find lots of praise for Eli Manning, -- including a post I wrote for SB Nation New York -- lots of agonizing by Dallas bloggers and some NFC playoff scenarios.

New York Giants' Eli Manning: The Best QB In Franchise History - SB Nation New York
Making the case for why Eli Manning is the best quarterback the New York Giants have ever had. [NOTE: This is something I wrote today over at SB Nation New York. Reading it is today's afternoon Big Blue View class assignment].

Eli makes sure Giants, family biz are in good hands - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Know this: Even if Peyton Manning can’t come back from the neck-fusion surgery that has imperiled his career, it’s clear that the NFL’s first family of quarterbacking isn’t close to finished.

Peter King sings Eli Manning's praises - Peter King -
If [Tim] Tebow is the manic fourth-quarter rally machine, Eli Manning's the buttoned-up one, following the scripts, making all the right decisions, throwing every pass on target. The difference between Tony Romo and Manning was pretty clear in the final minutes. Romo needed a completion to a wide-open Miles Austin inside of three minutes to play to ice the game -- and overthrew it. Manning lofted what should have been the winning touchdown pass right into the arms of a well-covered Mario Manningham in the final seconds -- a perfect throw that Manningham dropped. No matter. Manning got the final 24 yards passing and running, and the Giants won.

I said this after the Patriots game: In terms of clutch, I'll take Eli over Peyton -- and that's no knock on Peyton. It's the simple recognition that right now, today, I think Eli Manning's the most clutch quarterback playing. How much more do you need to see? Winning three on the road and then dethroning the 18-0 Pats in the Super Bowl four years ago was the start. This season's the continuation. There's no more debate about whether Eli's elite. He's put that to rest in Foxboro and Arlington this season.

One Simple Pass Dooms Dallas And Tony Romo - Blogging The Boys
Brutal. Just brutal. It's the only word that comes to mind to describe the Cowboys epic collapse against the Giants on Sunday night. If there was an award for finding the most creative ways to lose a football game, the Dallas Cowboys of 2011 would be my hands-down winner.

Sitting on a 12-point lead with 5:41 left in the game, Dallas would come completely unglued. It's the type of game that shakes your faith in this organization, it can make you question your fandom. Of course, a few days from now we'll be back to hope, hope that somehow the Cowboys can salvage a season, hope that somehow these Cowboys will make us forget this two-week disaster. That's what time does, but at the moment, it's hard not to give in to your worst fears.

For 55 minutes, Jason Garrett had done a wonderful job of managing his team through an onslaught of injuries. Key players were dropping left and right, still Dallas persevered. When Dez Bryant crossed the goal line to put Dallas up 34-22, even the most cynical Cowboys fan had to believe. Dallas was on the doorstep of the playoffs, they were on Momentum Road, they were the team we were all hoping for. All that undone in the blink of an eye, undone by Eli Manning, the Giants offense, Jason Pierre-Paul - and one very costly incomplete pass.

These Are Your 2011 Cowboys - Blogging The Boys
With yesterday's loss, the Cowboys are now 12-9 under Coach Jason Garrett. 14 of the 21 games under Garrett (or two thirds) were decided by four points or less, with the Cowboys winning seven and losing seven.

Worst of all, outside of the blowout loss to the Eagles this year, the Cowboys have held a fourth quarter lead in every single one of their nine losses under Garrett.

These are Garrett's Cowboys. They have been in a position to win 20 out of 21 games. But they have found ways to lose almost half of them.

NFL Playoff Picture: New York Giants Win Vs. Cowboys Has Big NFC East Implications - SB Nation New York
The New York Giants victory over. the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football gave New York a huge advantage in the race to the postseason in the NFC East. The win pulled the Giants even with the Cowboys at 7-6, but effectively gave New York a one-game cushion over Dallas because the G-Men now own the head-to-head tiebreaker with their division rival.

So You're Tied For First Place: NFC East Tie-Breakers - The Heart of Texas - SB Nation Dallas
Best way to get over the Cowboys' control of the division slipping away in crushing fashion? Looking at how they can still win it. It may be more likely than you realize.