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New York Giants News And Notes: 'Little Pain' A Big Deal For Stacy Andrews

Good morning, New York Giants fans! I have been scouring the Inter-Google -- and my e-mail -- for Giants-related stories of interest for you today. Follow the jump to see what I have for you today.

Here is Giants offensive lineman Stacy Andrews describing the pain that finally led him to the Giants training staff, and to the diagnosis of blood clots in both lungs.

"At first it was just a little pain in [my chest] and then my backside, the rib area. I thought I had just popped a rib or something like that so I just brushed it off. I was like, ‘I'll get a massage, pop it back in Friday.' So I just practiced through the pain Friday, which was a lot of pain when I was running around on the field. I went out and got in the shower, I coughed up blood twice. I still put it off, ‘It's just a rib.' Saturday came, I was feeling pretty good, feeling alright. I got into the meeting on Saturday. I was just sitting there listening to the coaches talk and give their presentations and [the pain] started intensifying. I was like, ‘Something can't be right.' I have a high tolerance for pain. That was a pain I couldn't brush off so I guess it was the man above saying, ‘Listen, this is something serious.' So I went and told Leigh (Weiss) and he called Ronnie (Barnes) over and they were like, ‘We're going to get you [to the hospital] and see what's going on,' " Andrews said.

All I can say is thank goodness the man is going to be OK.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin has always had a mantas of 'Talk is cheap, play the game.' From Monday thru Saturday, though, players can't help but talk. They have radio appearances all over the place and beat reporters looking comment every day. Here are a couple of comments from Giants players that we have not used yet this week.

"The whole losing streak thing, that's something for the papers," said linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka. "For us in the locker room, we're more focused on the fact that all of our goals are still attainable. We still have the opportunity to win games, win games in our division and win our division, go into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. That's all we're focused on."

"I agree with (Antrel Rolle)," wide receiver Victor Cruz said. "I think the way we played this past Sunday, although we lost, was definitely one of the most exciting ways we've played, most aggressive, we put it all together, on special teams, on defense. I definitely see us winning these last four and getting into the playoffs."

Rob Ryan: Must-win game vs. Giants - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas
To Ryan, Eli Manning is the biggest reason why Sunday’s game will be so difficult.

"If you watch the tape the last two weeks, you don’t want to watch it," Ryan said. "Eli Manning threw 22 straight completions against the Saints, hung up 35 points against the world champion defense supposedly [Green Bay]. We’re up for a big challenge here, but our guys are ready to go. We’re anxious about this game. We’ve done our preparation and we can’t wait until it gets here."

"The guy’s playing excellent," Ryan said. "He does a great job. He’s got an unbelievable touch. He will stand in there in the face of a damn hurricane and throw the ball. He’s really tough. We’re looking forward to this challenge. We’ve played some great quarterbacks during the year and this guy is no exception. He’s really playing well. He’s in that elite group for sure."

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