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Fantasy Sleeper of the Week: Ahmad Bradshaw

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I know it's not a stretch, but since Ahmad Bradshaw is recovering from a foot injury himself, much wasn't expected of him out of the gate in his return. But now with Brandon Jacobs nursing a knee injury, Bradshaw has the potential to play a lot on Sunday, and possibly put up some nice fantasy numbers.

It's also possible that in order to neutralize the Cowboys' fierce pass rush, Eli Manning may rely on his running backs to catch some short passes and try to make things happen in the open field. Of course, even if Jacobs plays, the short passing game is something more geared to Bradshaw (and DJ Ware). Additionally, the Giants will also try to control the clock and keep the ball away from Tony Romo and all of his weapons--so on paper, Bradshaw should have plenty of opportunities to rack up yards, catches, and hopefully a few touchdowns.