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Giants Vs. Cowboys: Five Things To Watch

Here is this week's look at Five Things To Watch Sunday when the New York Giants invade Cowboys Stadium to take on the NFC East-leading Dallas Cowboys.

1. Which Giants Defense Shows Up: Justin Tuck discussed it earlier this week, and it is a major concern. We have seen so much inconsistent play from the Giants defense, some of which can be explained by the incredible number of injuries the unit has suffered. What can't be explained is the inconsistent effort -- some weeks tremendous, other weeks seriously lacking in passion.

2. Can The Giants Handle DeMarcus Ware? The Dallas linebacker leads the league with 15 sacks, and he has always been a nightmare for David Diehl at left tackle. Ware, in fact, is probably one of the reasons the Giants moved Diehl to guard. Now that Diehl is back at tackle, the Giants better give him some help. And if Ware lines up over Kareem McKenzie, well, in that case just pray for Eli Manning's survival.

3. Which Fan Base Will Love Their Quarterback on Monday? Reality is, both fan bases will probably still be defending their guy Monday morning. This game, though, is likely to come down to the fourth quarter and will include critical plays by Manning and Tony Romo.

4. Will Jason Witten Run Wild In the Secondary? Let's be realistic here. If there is a better tight end, or at least one who has done more damage against the Giants over the years than Witten has, I don't know who it could be. The Giants have coverage issues with their linebackers and safety Kenny Phillips is probably not going to play. If they don't completely mug the guy at the line of scrimmage, how on earth are the Giants going to deal with Witten?

5. The Bears and the Lions: I know it's cheating a little on my list, but you have to pay attention to the Detroit and Chicago games on Sunday. Those two teams are one game ahead of the Giants for a wild card spot, and losses by them on Sunday would help the Giants immensely.