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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Week 13

Last week: 12-4

Season record: 114-62

Okay, I'm back on track now, though I wish I was wrong about picking the Saints on Monday night. There are some intriguing games again, so let's get to it.....

Philadelphia at Seattle--You know, the Eagles are teetering on the border of a bad place known as throwing in the towel, and the clock just has to be ticking on Andy Reid's tenure. But I think they pull this one out. Eagles 24, Seahawks 14

Tennessee at Buffalo--These franchises have a history of playing some crazy games, like the Music City Miracle. I wouldn't expect any weirdness here, but both are fighting for a shot at the postseason. Bills 20, Titans 17

Kansas City at Chicago--Did Todd Haley's name just come up on my caller ID? Yeah, that's how desperate he is for a QB with a pulse. Bears 23, Chiefs 7

Baltimore at Cleveland--True story. I lived in Cleveland for 11 years and had a pretty successful band there. We released a song about Art Modell called "Goodbye Uncle Artie" that was played on the radio there the week the Ravens came to Cleveland in 1999 for the first time since he moved the team. Too bad the Browns have kind of sucked this whole time. Ravens 27, Browns 10

Atlanta at Houston--Yikes, this is a tough one. Boy, do we need the Texans to win this, and I think they do, maybe in OT. Texans 26, Falcons 23

Oakland at Miami--The AFC West leading Raiders. When was the last time you heard that? Raiders 21, Dolphins 17

Detroit at New Orleans--We kind of need this one too in the loss column for Detroit, so hopefully Drew Brees and Sean Payton are in a hotel conference room right now going over the plays. Saints 31, Lions 17

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh--It's extremely conceivable that both of these teams as well as the Ravens make the playoffs. Steelers 17, Bengals 14

Carolina at Tampa Bay--The Bucs can't be this bad, can they? Yes, but I see a win here. Bucs 28, Panthers 24

NY Jets at Washington--Wow, the Redskins won a game last week. But they still are not very good. I wonder who the QB will be by the time we play them again. Jets 16, Redskins 13

Denver at Minnesota--Do you guys realize there is a chance we see Tim Tebow in the NFL playoffs? That's a dude who finds a way to win. Broncos 23, Vikings 20

Dallas at Arizona--I don't expect any help, do you? Cowboys 30, Cards 10

Green Bay at NY Giants--I haven't looked yet, do we have Buck and Aikman again? Anyway, I'm sorry guys, I just don't see an upset here, but I do think the Pack barely covers the spread. Packers 34, Giants 27

St. Louis at San Francisco--Blech. Niners 27, Rams 7

Indianapolis at New England--The spread for this game is like 21 points, and the sad part is, the Pats are going to cover it. Patriots 45, Colts 10

San Diego at Jacksonville--Really, MNF? Really? Are you ready for some garbage? Chargers 23, Jags 16