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Game Ball of the Week Goes To....You Decide

It would have been pretty easy to give Giants' quarterback Eli Manning the Game Ball of the Week, as he led the Giants to two touchdowns in the fourth quarter as they upset the New England Patriots on the road, 24-20, on Sunday. Manning took some heat and was ridiculed by pundits for declaring that he was an elite QB, one in the same class as Tom Brady. On Sunday, he proved that this was true. His stats were not gaudy (20 of 39 for 250 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT), but all Manning continues to do is to win fourth quarter battles, and, games with his cool demeanor and pinpoint passing.

But it's hard not to recognize tight end Jake Ballard, who made a fantastic catch over the middle on that final drive, and then caught the game-winning score from Manning with 15 seconds on the clock--on a risky third down play with no timeouts. The guy is money lately and is making all of us forget about Kevin Boss.

But I'm not done. Brandon Jacobs had 100 all-purpose yards and a score, starting in place of the injured Ahmad Bradshaw. And LB Michael Boley had another stellar game, with 7 tackles, 3 assists, a sack and a forced fumble.

So I'll let you guys decide who ultimately gets that game ball.

Honorable mentions go to head coach Tom Coughlin, punter Steve Weatherford, and.....wait for it.....the Bears, for handing the Eagles their fifth loss of the season.