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New York Giants News and Notes: Feeling Blah Edition

Good morning, fellow Giants fans. Our game faces were mangled by halftime Monday night, and now it's hump day between getting crushed in New Orleans by 25 points and having to face the 11-0 Green Bay Packers. It's like we're on this imaginary NFL season half pipe where our Big Blue butts are exposed and someone with a giant paddle waits at the top on each side ready to spank. Ouch. The C-word is everywhere, the P-word has all but disappeared, and fans are clamoring for Bill Cowher and Jeff Fisher to turn their cell phones on. Ah, but maybe we have them right where we want them. I can guarantee you Mike McCarthy has his team bracing for a possible upset Sunday, and the Giants are the kind of team that, if they play mistake-free, can pull off that upset. Let's hope so, because that paddle is big. Oh, and memo to ESPN--that shot of Sean Payton, Drew Brees and Pete Carmichael going over their plays in a hotel conference room got old after the first airing. There was no need to show it seventeen times.

NY Giants latest late-season collapse has plenty to do with lack of pass rush - and defense - NY Daily News
Let’s make it simple. They’re not a playoff team. And they can thank an impotent pass rush for that. The team was built around a defense that harassed quarterbacks into submission. Now that the Giants can’t do that, they’re sunk.

I love how Perry Fewell said after the game Monday that he can't put his finger on why the Giants are not getting to the quarterback. Let me see if I can help here. Dude, you're not bringing enough bodies after the guy with the football, the one that takes the ball from the center. He's ordering cocktails while your receivers run around the pool and your players are lounging in the water. Man, is that infuriating.

New York Giants -- Tom Coughlin in danger of losing his job - ESPN New York
No, Coughlin can't survive another one of those. They'll never be able to take away his Super Bowl trophy from the greatest night in franchise history, but that trophy and that conquest of the 18-0 Belichicks and Bradys can't carry Coughlin from here to eternity.

Yep. Sorry TC.

Giants Appear at a Loss After More Breakdowns in a Third Straight Loss -
Aaron Rodgers and the undefeated Green Bay Packers will visit MetLife Stadium on Sunday afternoon, and even if the Giants are without defensive end Osi Umenyiora — as it appears they will be after Umenyiora sprained his ankle Monday — the Giants have no choice but to press on and hope that the magic that marked their early-season success suddenly returns.

See above.

Politi: Giants coach Tom Coughlin shouldn't have to take the blame for team's troubles |
Brees spent three hours exploiting the Giants’ defensive weaknesses, especially their suspect linebackers. GM Jerry Reese has done little to upgrade that glaring hole on his team, and with starter Michael Boley sitting out another game (and Jonathan Goff and Clint Sintim lost long ago), the franchise that was once defined by the position looked like it lacked a single NFL-quality player there. In the 49-24 loss to the Saints, the Giants had a misplaced defensive end (Mathias Kiwanuka), two overmatched sixth-round picks (Jacquian Williams and Greg Jones) and an undrafted free agent who is a wonderful story for overcoming cancer but a special-teams player at this level (Mark Herzlich).

Giants just aren't built to win - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
The only reason this might possibly be a surprise is because of where the Giants were three weeks ago. After beating the Patriots in Foxborough, they were 6-2, well in front of the NFC East and feeling as though they could beat anyone. But that was the mirage, and this is the reality that has underlay this Giants season since their stagnant offseason and the start of training camp. They don't have enough, personnel-wise, to hang with a team like the Saints.

True, but you can't blame this three-game slide solely on personnel. Scheming and execution have much to do with it as well.

New York Giants Playoff Chances
They look like crap. The Giants have looked straight-up lifeless in their last two games. It's one thing to lose a game to Vince Young at home and then get blitzed by the Saints. But they've looked defeated in both of these games. Which is weird considering they were flying high less than a month ago. The Giants have collapsed, going from 6-2 to 6-5 in no time at all. Two weeks from now, they could be officially dead and buried after games against Green Bay and the Cowboys (in Dallas).


Green Bay Packers news | Scouting report: New York Giants | Green Bay Press Gazette
They rank No. 26 in passing yards allowed and No. 27 in points allowed after finishing last season Nos. 9 and 17, respectively.

Now that is a statistic that, despite the injuries, might cost Perry Fewell his job.

Giants-Cowboys remain in prime time - NFC East Blog - ESPN
The NFL has made its flex scheduling decisions for Week 14, and the Dec. 11 game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys will remain in the 8:20 pm ET time slot. Not a huge surprise, since the only candidates to replace it were Oakland-Green Bay or maybe Chicago-Denver because of the Tim Tebow thing, but worth noting if you're an NFC East fan (which I assume you are, if you're here) and had that game circled on your calendar.

Oh, goodie. We get Cris Collinsworth again. I wonder if my wife's laptop can get the Giants' radio feed and if it will synch up so I can mute that guy and listen to Bob Papa. Yeah, I'll work on that. Meanwhile, I'm going back to sleep.