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What Is Ahmad Bradshaw's Status For Sunday? Coughlin's No Help

Well, we might as well stay on the Ahmad Bradshaw injury news train for the time being. You guys are probably just as confused as I am by now. Read one report and it says Bradshaw could play Sunday. Read another report and he is out for a couple of weeks. Read something else and it speculates that he could opt for season-ending surgery on the cracked bone in his foot.

Listen to New York Giants' coach Tom Coughlin and you, predictably, get zero help trying to figure out Bradshaw's status.

"I really don't know any more than what you have been told," Coughlin said. "He has had issues in the past and he has played with a crack or whatever you want to call it in his foot. He has played that way in the past and we don't know what the determination will be just yet. We will wait and see.

"He (Bradshaw) is not on the practice field so as long as he is not on the practice field, the guys that are practicing are going to go out there and perform as if the responsibility will be theirs."

Thanks for clearing that up, Tom.