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Top 5 Defensive Plays? That's A Joke, Right?

Geez, I really hate to diss the folks from Gillette again this week. But, it looks like I'm going to. As part of the Gillette Pro-Glide Series sponsored post, Gillette wants SB Nation football writers to pick their team's top 5 defensive plays from each game.

Well, if you watched Monday's night's game against the New Orleans Saints and you can come up with five top defensive plays by the New York Giants you're better than I am.

I can come up with one. That would be Jason Pierre-Paul's brilliant hustle play to make a tackle on a fake field goal that likely would otherwise have gone for a touchdown. That's it. Otherwise, not much worth mentioning. There were guys on the field theoretically trying to stop New Orleans, but they surrendered 577 yards. How many good defensive plays can there actually be when you do that?

Actually, I dare you guys to get to five. Make your own lists in the comments and see if you can.